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9 Signs You Are a Highly Intuitive and Sensitive Empath

9 Signs That You Are an Empath

1. You Dream about Something Before It Happens

If you often dream about events that really happen in the future, it might not be just a coincidence. It could be your strong intuition, in which case you have visions, not dreams.

2. You Can Connect Only with Few People

You may know a lot of people, but you can connect only with few of them. But, this connection is strong and special. It’s like you know each other for years and know exactly what the other person wants or feels without even saying.

On the other hand, you can’t stay for too long near a person whose energy doesn’t suit you.

3. Your Gut Feeling is Almost Always Right

Although it’s hard to explain, somehow you know how things would turn out to be in the future. Whenever you have good or bad feeling about something, it turns out to be true. You’re almost always right about this as you’re in a way connected to the universal energy.

4. You End Up Getting What You Want

Do you have a feeling that somehow you always end up getting what you want? Well, that might be because you’re always on the right path thanks to your high sensitivity and strong intuition.

And, when you make a mistake, which is rarely, you learn from it and move on. That’s why you often achieve your dreams and goals while others have a hard time to get anything done.

5. People Come to You to Find Peace

People are drawn to you because of your powerful energy and sensitivity and they want to talk or spend time with you to find relief from their problems. Although you can’t always solve their problems, you give them the needed energy to heal and move on.

6. You Need More Alone Time Than Others

That’s because your high sensitivity to other people’s energies exhausts you. So, you often need to be alone so that you can recharge yourself. In that way, you regain your inner strength and connect with yourself.

7. You Can Easily See Other’s True Colors

Instead of paying attention to words, you focus on gestures and energies. That’s how you know if someone is dishonest, manipulative, honest, or good-hearted. It’s like you read other’s mind and intentions.

That’s why you choose to stay away from certain people, even when no one can understand your decision.

8. Your Senses Are Extremely Sensitive

Exterior arousals like sounds, light, smell, or touch affect you more than others. Sometimes you get really affected by certain sounds or colors which can instantly change your mood. So, a silent room can sometimes be too noisy for you.

9. You Have Great Inner Desire to Help Others

Being able to feel someone else’s pain and discomfort makes you want to help them, even when you know you can’t.

In that case, you continue thinking about that person and all the ways to improve their condition. You are profoundly compassionate and understanding of others.

Final Words

You should feel truly blessed if you have these signs. It means you are a rare soul that can help others. The world needs more highly sensitive and intuitive empaths like you.

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