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A Letter to all of the doctors that Misdiagnosed lymphoma Cancer:

I was told I had allergies, I had acid reflux, I was working out too hard and straining muscles in my stomach from Pilates, I was sweating at night from my metabolism. I told all of you all of my symptoms, but you didn’t listen. I was told my swollen lymph nodes underneath my arms were cysts that I had to get removed. It was misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis.

Because of all of these physicians that didn’t take me, or my symptoms seriously, my lymphoma Cancer spread to every organ in my body. Every single organ.Yes, I had Lymphoma Cancer for 2+ years without knowing, but it could have been staged earlier. I would have had time. It wouldn’t have spread to every organ in my body, if even one of you took my illness seriously. Don’t assume that just because I was “young”, meant that I was healthy. I was the complete opposite, but you didn’t listen.

Lymphoma Cancer had to learn how to walk again. I can’t even explain to any of you medical professionals as a 29 year old, what that feels like. It’s heart breaking. I can’t even explain to you how traumatizing it was to go into respiratory failure, and have one quart of fluid drained from my lungs, and a port placed in me, and have to fight for my life, while everyone else lived theirs. I can’t explain to you how traumatizing the look on my mother’s face was, when my hair was falling out in clumps, while I would sit in the bathroom and cry. Or the look on her face when I had to sleep on my couch for months, with a bucket next to me.

I’m not mad at any of you for misdiagnosing me, I just feel that this letter is necessary, to make you as trained medical professionals UNDERSTAND why it is so important for you to LISTEN to your patients. I’m not mad at you, because I consider myself one of the lucky ones. After one hell of a year, I survived. I was lucky enough to be treated by the most amazing Hematologist in the entire world, who not only saved my life, but he changed it. I don’t want to hear that I was lucky because I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer of all of the cancers. It was complete and utter hell, and I don’t wish what I had to go through on anyone.

There is no good Lymphoma Cancer, period. Cancer is cancer. Chemotherapy and Radiation can cause side effects, including developing secondary cancers down the road. The chance of relapse is high with Stage 4 fighters. Every day I thank god for beating this and being in remission. I thank god for Dr. Lossos. I thank god that the Hematologists at Lymphoma Cancer Doctors Hospital couldn’t treat me, because I’m sorry, but they really didn’t seem to give two craps, and I’m honestly not even sure why they are in the specialty that they are in.

My intention isn’t to be mean, it’s to be honest. It’s to help you understand, so that you all can be better medical professionals.hing from any of you, but I hope that I’m the patient that you won’t ever forget about. The patient that will make you order that extra blood test, that extra scan, the patient that makes you listen and figure out solutions for your other patients. Because unfortunately, sometimes it’s too late, and sometimes medicine can’t save us.So thank you Dr. Lossos, for giving me another shot at life.

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