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Some facts are surprising, so brace yourself for the one I am going to hit you with-out of the narcissists, empaths and sociopaths, the smartest group of people are the empaths. Yes, take a moment as you let the info sink it…

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The empaths share a relationship that is often dangerously close to being abusive because we must not forget that emotional abuse, if not worse, is as bad as physical abuse. It is a widely known fact that the two groups of the narcissists and sociopaths often exploit the empaths, given the inherent kindness that they all possess. What the sociopaths and narcissists don’t know is that the kindness is a conscious choice the empaths make and if they don’t, they would be in for a lot more trouble than they can even possibly imagine.

Although the general belief is that the narcissists and sociopaths possess more than average levels of intellect, what distinguishes the empaths from the narcissists and sociopaths is not only their high intellectual quotient but also their understanding of the world in real terms, endless creativity and diplomatic abilities. These abilities grant the empath with the potential to outsmart and be even more dangerous than the sociopaths or the narcissists.

The empaths, as we all know, are kind hearted people who live life piously, have a belief/moral system that they religiously adhere to, and have deep regard to others’ feelings, always trying their best to not hurt anyone with their actions or words, unlike the narcissist and the sociopath who does whatever he or she wants to do, without considering even for a second, what other people might feel.

Although an empath isn’t the kind that would even think of being inconsiderate, what might fix the above is a bit of manipulation from the empath as well. It would be unexpected and would make them realise how it feels to be disregarded completely. The same behaviour that the sociopath and the narcissist dishes out, thrown back at him/her would cause a stir in their mind and lead to a change in their behaviour as they would be attempting to get the ball back in their court.

It is true that the solution is not essentially getting back at an abuser but the potential that an empath possesses should not be wasted. As it has always been said, prevention is better than cure and therefore an attitude modification would act as a successful preventive measure for emotional abuse and would help in nipping bigger issues in the bud, before things become too complicated to deal with.

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