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Dealing With the Challenges of Being an Empath (or Highly Sensitive)

Let me begin by saying I am not an empath. I am a catalyst, but I do have empathic tendencies. The work here at Openhand draws plenty of empaths (and highly sensitive people) naturally, by the Law of Attraction. Perhaps then, there’s something an empath can learn about their gift from a catalyst? (and of course vice versa). Perhaps there’s something a catalyst naturally does, which is inherent to their nature, that an empath can develop inside themselves? And maybe this can make living in this complex and diverse world a whole lot easier?


That’s the purpose of this exploration which I invite you to join…

How the Catalyst Might Help The Empath

An empath is someone who can – and naturally does – take on the feelings and emotions of others as their own. It means they can literally feel what another is feeling. But this gift can sometimes become a helluva nightmare until it’s properly developed. In taking on the emotions, thoughts and feelings of those around you, and society, you become awash with convoluted energy that can batter you around like a small sailing boat in a storm. It raises enormous levels of anxiety and fear, a near constant fight/flight mechanism, which can drive the empath to despair – even sometimes suicidal tendencies.

But it needn’t be like this. There is a solution.
There is mastery of one’s gift, of one’s art.

I am a catalyst, but when I sit with people, where given to, I can literally feel what’s going on inside their field. I can feel their blockages and know their karma like reading a book; I can see entities and implants. The field is awash with this density – people’s fields are. And I can see that if I couldn’t switch this gift off, then I could potentially take the world upon my shoulders, have it tidal wave through my emotions.

You have to be able to always find your vibe, no matter what it going on.

The point is, I actually don’t have to switch these feelings off – that just happens. It’s like my consciousness hones in on what it’s supposed to, works with it, but then literally drops it like the proverbial hot coals. Once more, I find myself resting in the purity of my own vibration. So maybe there’s a clue here for an empath? If I could share how this works for me, then maybe it could help the catalysts divine complement – the empath?


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