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Flexitouch Plus Released for Treating Lymphedema Symptoms

Lymphedema is a disease in which fluid is retained in the legs, arms, and other parts of the body, resulting in pain, discomfort, and even disability. A new device from Tactile Medical, a company out of Minneapolis, Minnesotta, is designed to activate the lymphatic system so as to help move fluids away from where they’ve gotten trapped.

The Flexitouch Plus, cleared by the FDA last year, consists of a blanket with dozens of individual air pockets and a controller pump that sequentially inflates and deflates the pockets. The result is a pressure wave over the affected part of the body that works like a programmed and perfectly timed massage to help move the fluids.

This is the third of the Flexitouch devices and new features include a color screen, new interface, and a way to save multiple therapy presets. Both legs can now be treated at the same time, reducing the overall time of each therapy session.

“I am pleased to announce the full commercial launch of our new Flexitouch system, Flexitouch Plus, following the success of our limited market release,” in a published statement said Gerald R. Mattys, Chief Executive Officer of Tactile Medical. “The design of this next-generation system was influenced by feedback obtained from our patient and clinician customers and was developed with the goal of enhancing the overall user experience. Based upon the positive reception we received during our limited market release, we believe we have designed a system that will allow our patients to treat their lymphedema more easily and efficiently. With this in mind, we look forward to providing Flexitouch Plus to patients across the U.S., helping them better manage their lymphedema symptoms at home.”


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