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Get the Facts About Lymphedema Prevention

If this fluid stays in one place for too long, lymphedema can turn into inflammatory edema which can eventually lead to fibrosis. Fibrosis is a condition where the natural flow of nutrients and oxygen is hampered, allowing pathogens to run rampant.

The elimination of toxins is just one important aspect of the lymph system as a whole, however. The lymph nodes are also one place where important immune system substances, such as Natural Killer Cells, are created.

Whether or not to have lymph node removal surgery if you have breast cancer (or to commit to radiation treatment for any kind of cancer in areas where lymph nodes are present) is a deeply individual choice. One thing is for certain, however…

Modalities to externally process lymph fluid and to strengthen the lymph system in general have been around for thousands of years simply because they work.

7 Ways to Keep Your Lymphatic System Strong

Here are seven things you can do NOW to keep your lymph system functioning well:

  1. Practice Skin Brushing and lymphatic massage. This article on lymph system health can provide more details on these powerful Ayurvedic healing modalities.
  2. Use only all natural deodorants. Stay away from antiperspirants that use metalloestrogens like aluminum.
  3. Consider alternatives to mammography, which may damage the lymph area through excessive pressure and radiation exposure. Thermography and breast self-exam are two great options.
  4. Drink plenty of filtered water every day.
  5. Learn about EFT or “tapping,” and commit to doing just 5 to 10 minutes every day. Tapping not only reduces stress; it also helps promote the flow of lymphatic fluids.
  6. If you are suffering from lymphedema already, consider using a pneumatic pump or compression chamber for the arms or legs. There are several quality machines on the market and many are covered by insurance.
  7. Most importantly, take the time to move your body every day in whatever way you can. Gently walking, dancing or rebounding for 20 to 30 minutes a day are all excellent − and fun as well!

Remember that lymph fluid is meant to flow, and lymph nodes are a vital part of this process. Whether your lymph system is compromised or not right now, be an advocate for your body and for the removal of harmful toxins by taking care of this important system.

Eat a cancer-healing, alkaline-rich diet, drink plenty of water, tap those lymphatic points, nurture yourself through dry brushing and massage, and be sure to move a little bit every single day!

Please help bring more awareness about lymphedema prevention by sharing this important article with friends and family.

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