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Here Are 5 of the Most Common Tactics Narcissists Use to Manipulate You!

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by a lack of empathy toward other people, a need for admiration and a long-standing pattern of grandiosity. Those who suffer from the disorder think that they’re the most important person in everybody’s life. They usually belittle, manipulate and step on other people in order to get ahead or gain attention. In case you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you may not be aware of it, since they’re great manipulators.

Here’re 5 of the Most Common Tactics Narcissists Use to Manipulate You:
– They make you feel worthless

In the beginning, the narcissist might have complimented you all the time. But, then it changed. The compliments started turning into things you should change about yourself. They started telling you that they do not like your clothes or your hair. They started telling you that you aren’t intelligent or you talk too much. Ultimately, it may affect your self-esteem. 

– They try to gaslight you

They use gaslighting to gain total control over you. Gaslighting is actually a kind of manipulation that can cause you to doubt your own sanity. In case you bring up something hurtful that they told you, they will tell you that you are crazy and that they have never said it. They will accuse you of being too sensitive or irrational. Eventually, you will start questioning your perception of reality. That kind of manipulation is extremely dangerous. 

– They try to belittle you

They make a habit out of shaming, whether it happens when you are in the privacy of your own home or out in public. They often try to belittle you and make you look weak, feel small or appear less intelligent than they are. They do so and then say, “You cannot take a joke,” or “Just kidding.” However, it’s intentional. They simply try to make you feel small and hurt you.

– They play the role of the victim

You’re the one being victimized, but they can make you second guess it. They often turn things around to make themselves look like the victim in each situation. When they’re late for something or they stand you up, they will tell you it is because you did not tell them the correct date and time. They won’t take the blame, regardless of the situation. They will say something to make you question yourself and ultimately, you will begin to believe them.

– They try to be in total control of everything

They try to be in total control of everything, including the bills, social outings, meals, conversation… So, you may feel like you cannot survive without them. They may control where you go, who you talk to, or what you wear. Ultimately, you forget about what you really want.

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