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Here Is Why Narcissists and Empaths Are Attracted to Each Other!

Narcissists are highly conceited, self-absorbed people. They have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for validation. They think that they are superior to other people and have little or no regard for the feelings of others.

However, behind the mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem. They can’t stand even the slightest criticism. This often stems from their childhood, causing them to feel unappreciated or worthless.

And that’s why they desperately seek attention, admiration and validation. These people are toxic and can draw the life and soul out of anybody they come in contact with.

On the contrary, empaths have the ability to sense and absorb the emotions of others. They usually take other people’s pain on as if it were their own. And if they fail to set healthy boundaries and do not know how to protect themselves, they can easily bond with narcissists to fix and repair any damage while trying to eradicate all their pain.

Oftentimes, empaths become prime targets for narcissists as they do not know how to protect themselves. Narcissists and empaths are usually drawn to each other, since empaths have a lot of understanding and compassion to give, and narcissists thrive on those who worship them.

Empaths are healers, whereas narcissists are takers. Empaths often put themselves in other people’s shoes and feel what they are thinking and feeling; while not being aware that they might have a hidden agenda, and that not everybody is honest. They just want to care, heal and love others. But, narcissists are great manipulators who want to control others.

What the narcissist does is make sure that they are able to manipulate the empath. They just want to be above them. But, the empath keeps giving support, care and love. The more affection and love they give, the more powerful and manipulative the narcissist becomes. The type of environment that the narcissist creates is long and vicious.

Once the narcissist realizes that the empath is wounded, they begin to keep them down. The more miserable the empath becomes, the happier the narcissist feels. Then the empath begins to desperately seek for acceptance, support, validation, and love from the narcissist. The empath simply wants to feel loved and appreciated.

And because they begin to focus only on the abuse, trauma and pain in their lives, they become obsessed with themselves and fail to realize that there’s no need for them to blame themselves. But, the truth is that the damage comes from the other side. It can be emotionally exhausting, and they may feel debilitated, hopeless or even lost.

Then they become aware of the situation they are in, and realize that anybody that’s badly hurt can themselves become a self-absorbed narcissist. They realize that trying to communicate with the narcissist is useless, as they are abusive people who lack empathy.

And they finally understand that they are in a toxic relationship; and they begin to feel unappreciated, unloved and insecure. But, the good news is that they have the choice to remain the victim or find the courage and ways to walk away from the narcissist.

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