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How and Why A Narcissist Dehumanizes their victims

Dehumanization: A Mechanism For Narcissists And Sociopaths To Mistreat Others


If you have ever experienced a narcissist or sociopath firsthand, you will have been left wondering how they can possibly treat other human beings with such little regard.

Their behavior towards others is often so cold and heartless that it seems almost unbelievable, but they are able to act in such a manner because of a particular mental toolset.

It probably exists primarily on an unconscious level, but this mechanism allows them to perpetrate acts of malice – bordering on evil – without the emotional barriers or consequences a healthy mind would experience.

This mechanism is dehumanization and it is exactly what it sounds like. A narcissist or sociopath will mentally strip away everything about someone that might be considered a human trait. In their mind, they will try to turn them from living, breathing individuals into mere abstract entities that they can manipulate and use like they would anything else in their environment.

This process is not only something that occurs in their head, however; there are very real means by which they achieve this aim, and these can be incredibly destructive to the other person. They include:


Narcissists and sociopaths can’t handle genuine, heartfelt interaction between themselves and other human beings; they just aren’t capable of communicating on anything other than the most superficial levels.

So, rather than try, they simply alter their perceptions of those around them. They willfully ignore the thoughts, feelings, rights, and beliefs of other people and reduce them to mere objects. In this way, they don’t see a person, but simply an inert physical form.

They do this because they are familiar with objects; they know how to deal with them and use them for their own personal gain or satisfaction. Viewing individuals as objects allows them to treat them in the same way that they would a phone, car, table, or bed, for example.

Objectification is the primary vehicle through which they are able to justify and commit their callous and often abusive acts towards others. They are unable to feel any empathy towards the victim because, to them, this would be like empathizing with a rock.

The result is an armory of emotional, verbal, and even physical weapons that provide the means to extract the desired use from those they target. And because they see people in the same way as objects, they have no qualms about discarding them if and when they have served their purpose.

This is why, should you ever escape from a narcissistic relationship of any kind, and you are able to stay firm and maintain zero contact, they will swiftly move on and find a new victim without a moment’s hesitation. To them, it’s little more than a change of outfit or buying a new television. This is not to say that they won’t try to re-engage you at a later date, but they won’t do so out of some emotional connection; they will merely want to use you again.


To invalidate someone is to make them feel rejected, wrong, abnormal, and worthless. By doing so, a narcissist or sociopath can convince themselves of their superiority while simultaneously degrading a person and breaking their spirit.

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