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How To Beat A Narcissist Who Plays Mind Games

When you try to attack a narcissist, it’s most likely that they will attack you even worse than they did before. Here’s what you need to know about revenge against a narcissist.

It’s a painful and emotionally damaging experience when you have a narcissist in your life. They can make you constantly doubt yourself and push you to the point of breaking. But there’s no reason why you should let yourself suffer because of the mind games of a narcissist. You might want to make things right in your life or the life of your loved one who is being manipulated by a narcissist. Here’s what you need to know before you try to give a narcissist a taste of his own medicine:

When you try to get back at them, you might be the one getting hurt

Remember that narcissists can be very abusive in their nature when they want to be. You might want to get back at them for destroying your relationships and your peace of mind. They are mentally disturbed and are incapable of experiencing true happiness or create meaningful relationships with the people around them. Narcissists are so good at manipulating people, that if you try to take revenge on them, they will do everything in their power to get back at you. They can effortlessly lie and fabricate false stories about you, and jeopardize your relationships with your loved ones. Through subtle but impactful ways, they will turn the tables around and make them look like the victim.

They might say things to coerce you into doubting yourself and making you think that you were at fault. Or they might even start denying what happened in front of others and convince your friends and family that you were the source of all the people. So, when you are trying to play their own game, a narcissist will actually use it as fuel and feed of it for their tricks. And when they can put on a great show, it’s likely that people around you will end up believing the lies he says rather than the truth that comes from you.

Going through it once was painful, twice is a death wish

Narcissists have extremely fragile egos. They are predators, and watching them walk away might make you feel that they are the ones walking away without a single scratch on their emotions, while you walk away with doubts, regrets and maybe even a broken heart. But remember that they have their own emotional baggage and demons that they push to the back of their mind. They have fears that they won’t even admit to themselves.

Under that mask of overconfidence, you will find a bunch of insecurities and fears lurking behind. You might think that trying to get back at them by poking at their ego and bringing them down a notch will help. But a narcissist will not wait around and watch while you do so. They will attack you back.

You might have put up with them once, being victim to their toxic behavior. But once was damaging enough! And you don’t want to put yourself through that kind of trauma again, because it is likely that a narcissist will pull you back into it.

How you could take the ultimate revenge

If you’re wondering what the best kind of revenge is, it’s allowing yourself to heal from everything that the narcissist put you through. Detach yourself from him or her, and don’t let yourself be pulled into that kind of damage again. Rather than taking away regrets from the relationship with the narcissist, take away lessons. Now you know how to read people better, and you know not to trust people easily.

Focus on the people who matter in your life and nurture relationships that push you towards being healthy and happy. The ultimate revenge would be re-building your confidence and self-esteem. Allow yourself to heal from the emotional scars that were caused by the narcissist. Don’t hold on to the past, but let yourself evolve and grow stronger from it. At the end of the journey of recovery, you will have the courage to stand up for your needs, the courage to pick yourself up the next time you fall and the strength to fight for everything that you deserve – healthy relationships, meaningful experiences and immense love for yourself.

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