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Inside The Mind Of A Girl Broken By An Emotional Psychopath


He blamed her for everything. His every wrong move and mistake somehow became her fault. He never wanted to admit to his actions. Actually, he never even tried because he never even cared. That is the thing with emotional psychopaths, they don’t have the need to feel remorse, they never regret anything, and they are emotional cripples unable of having true or sincere feelings.

He had a serious outburst of jealousy. He caused scenes in front of her, which were the best proof of his sick mind. He became jealous of everyone she knew. He was jealous of her friends and family and in the end, he was jealous of her. She had so much to give to the world. Her kindness and her love were her strongest weapons and he was jealous of that. He wanted to isolate her, to have her only for himself. And when she was isolated, he was happy, but as soon as she started to look further than him, he got psychotically jealous. But, the saddest part is that he didn’t even have to be jealous because she saw only him and no one else.

He loved himself more than anyone. That was the proof that even he was capable of having feelings, of loving someone. Too bad it was only himself. His selfishness was limitless. Everything was perfect if he was satisfied and happy, but as soon as something didn’t go his way, he would lose it. You see, he only cared about himself. He never saw her tears. He never saw her pain. He couldn’t care less.

He made her believe in things that never happened. That is how he manipulated her. He was a real piece of something. He knew exactly how to approach her and take advantage of the fact she loved him. Every time he did something awful, he would convince her otherwise. He would brainwash her into thinking it wasn’t his fault. She was the one who misunderstood. She was the one who reacted poorly. And after some time she started to believe him. She thought she was the crazy one. She thought she needed help and she blindly followed him because she thought he was her savior when actually he was the one destroying her.

But everything he did to her made her stronger. That is how she won her life’s battle against him. His cruelty and manipulations broke her. They led her to the darkest place of her life. He stripped her of everything she had. But he never could have counted on her breaking free from him with that little strength she had left inside her.

She found herself broken and alone, but she decided to fight for her life. She decided to fight for that dream she once had. She decided it wasn’t over, not until she said so.

But her journey wasn’t finished. It just started when she left him. She swallowed her pride, she ignored what others were saying, and she patched her wounds so she didn’t bleed. She finally realized that she didn’t need him.

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Now, there is a long way ahead of her. Now, she has to rise from the ashes. Now, she has to heal.

She was his victim for far too long. He leeched off of her. He took everything from her. She will doubt people for a long time and that’s okay. She has every right to do so. She has the right to be a mess. She has the right to bury herself under the sheets and cry her heart out. She has the right to suspect anyone who tries to enter her life, who tries to help her. He made her that way. He took her self-worth and her self-respect. He made her guarded and careful.

She will be scared to love again. Since her dreams were shattered, love doesn’t play an important part in her life. That was who she was before him. Love is not a beautiful thing she is dreaming of any more, no. Love has become pain he caused her. Loving someone has become the same nightmare she was living in when she was with him. And it will stay that way for a long time. It will stay that way until she finds her old self again. His every harsh and cold word made her hate love even more. His every manipulation and emotional abuse made her never want to fall in love again.

She never knew what true love was. I feel sorry for her feeling this way because she never experienced real love. She never experienced the feeling of safety and support. She never got the real picture of love. The only thing she felt was abandonment, pain, and loneliness. It will take her a lot of time to put down her walls and let real love enter her life. She will doubt it, she will question it but she will accept it in the end. Because real love never gives up. It never walks away.

She wants to be alone. She needs some time to heal. She needs some time to rearrange her thoughts. She needs time to put her feelings in the right place. She needs time to understand what is right and what is wrong. She needs to learn to live again because when she left him, she gave herself a second chance to live.

After she wins the battle, and she will, her dream will finally come true, because she isn’t done just yet. She is a woman who will never surrender. She is a woman who will fight for herself, even when there is no will or strength left in her. She is strong and no one is able to break her.

Maybe her psychopath thought he did, but he was wrong and she proved it.

Her life will never be the same anymore, but what happened to her sobered her up. It opened her eyes and gave her a lot more to live for. She knows she only has one chance to live and she won’t waste it by feeling sorry for herself and by settling for being broken.

She knows she deserves more and she is a badass who will create her own rules and live her life the way she always imagined she would.

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