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Is It Possible to Treat Scoliosis?


You may not require any treatment for mild curves, and that is usually true in 90% of scoliosis cases. You should talk to your healthcare provider if you notice your child have this condition. In most cases, doctors use the wait-and-see approach before suggesting any treatment option. In case of idiopathic scoliosis, doctors have no clue about what has caused the disorder. However, they would carefully monitor your child if they notice a curve at angles less than 20 degrees. They may suggest other treatment options if they notice the curve becoming worse with a child undergoing physical changes in puberty.


Your healthcare provider may recommend wearing a back brace if your child’s spinal curve is more than 20 degrees but is less than 40 degrees. Bracing may not correct the curve, but it may help slow down the progress. Made of hard plastic, you can find different types of braces with some of them quite elastic while others being quite rigid. The severity of the curve will help determine the type of bracing your child would need. If your child’s doctor does recommend bracing, know that they will have to wear it for 16-23 hours a day. When used correctly, bracing may help keep the curve from becoming worse while your child is still in their growing years.


Your child’s doctor may recommend surgery if the curve is more than 50 degrees. Such curves are likely to get worse with time. They need surgery because they may affect the function of the lungs. Spinal fusion surgery is usually the most suitable option here. The surgery involves fusing the small bones of the spine so that the curve would stop increasing. The idea is to disrupt the growth in this area.

In addition to these treatment approaches, doctors may also recommend stretches, physical therapy, and exercises. They recommend these treatment options usually for degenerative scoliosis. OTC medication and bracing may also help here. Surgery may also be required if your degenerative scoliosis is causing pain in your legs and back. Nutritional supplements, chiropractic treatment, and electrical stimulation are some other treatment options, but you need to bear in mind that none of these treatments are going to correct the curve or guarantee that spinal curves will stop changing over time.

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