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Narcissists Just Hate Seeing Others Happy And Here Are 7 Psychological Reasons For This

What defines narcissism?

“Narcissists have poor self-esteem, but they are typically very successful. They feel entitled; they’re self-important; they crave admiration and lack empathy. They are also exploitative and envious. The malignant types never forget a slight. They may kill you ten years later for cutting them off in traffic. But they act perfectly normal while plotting their revenge.” — Janet M. Tavakoli

Narcissists Just Hate Seeing Others Happy And Here Are 7 Psychological Reasons For This

Being a narcissist means that this person is selfish, arrogant, and needs admiration from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, most people who have narcissistic personalities don’t know or refuse to admit that they are like this.

People with strong narcissistic tendencies hate seeing others do well. Although they demonstrate self-confidence, they lack it. There’s a big difference between being sure of yourself and thinking you’re the best.

There are many different psychological reasons why narcissists behave this way, and we will go over the most important of them.

1. Narcissists are never happy.

First and foremost, real satisfaction comes from within. People who have narcissistic personality are unable to feel genuine happiness because they lack own individuality. As a result, they feel upset and try to be happier by managing their skewed sense of self-esteem. Narcissists look for external acknowledgments of their success. Such people think they could increase their social status by buying expensive things, having more sex, earning more money and so on. However, these things cannot buy true happiness. What narcissists don’t realize is that real contentment comes from within.

2. They lack empathy.

A narcissist could hardly realize how much other people have to work to succeed. They assume that others use the same dishonest means that they would use to get what they want. They can’t imagine that another person could be more capable. These people couldn’t believe that someone worthier than them might exist. Narcissists don’t understand that other people achieve their goals because they work hard.

3. A narcissist thinks that they deserve whatever others can achieve because they are better than the rest.

If someone else owns more things than a narcissist or is better than them at something, the feeling of superiority of the narcissist gets even stronger. The same goes for their ambition to have whatever the other person possesses. A narcissist thinks no one deserves to have what they don’t have.

4. People who have narcissistic personality feel comfortable when others are miserable.

They take pleasure in witnessing the struggles, problems, or humiliation of another person. There is a German term for this – Schadenfreude. It is a compound noun of Schaden ‘damage, harm’ and Freude ‘joy.’ Narcissists are glad when others cannot achieve their goals. And when people feel miserable or are unhappy. Narcissists also, have sadistic tendencies and feel extremely pleased when they make others suffer. Since they cannot achieve happiness themselves, they could only feel envy and resentment if someone else is happy or prosperous. And might easily become rude and arrogant.

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