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5 Ways To Spot An Empath

Here are five things you’re likely to notice if you’re in the presence of an empath. 1. They Don’t Tolerate Dishonesty Empaths can see right through you most of the time. If you’ve lied to an empath, you probably found out the hard way that it doesn’t really work. Not only will they be able to feel what you’re feeling (discomfort when it comes to lying), but due to their capacity for understanding, they can spot a lie pretty quickly. 2. Crowds Are Overwhelming If you’re an empath, you probablyRead More

Fixing the System Against Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing

  The proposal last autumn to introduce the non-invasive prenatal test for Down syndrome, known as NIPT, on the UK’s National Health Service from 2018 has sparked a reaction within both the Down syndrome and the medical communities. Creators and many medics hail the test as offering women the chance to know with 99 percent certainty if their baby will be born with the genetic condition, while avoiding the previous invasive test. Reactions to the news have been both positive and negative, but also seem to be largely divided into two main groups:Read More

Fixing the System Against Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing

Leading part of the anti-NIPT campaign is the actor, comedian and mother of a boy with Down syndrome, Sally Phillips (best known as Tilly in BBC’s Miranda). She created the documentary “A World without Down’s syndrome?” which aired on BB2 last year in the hopes of offering people a new stance on Down syndrome and disability in general. The program has been highly praised, particularly by the Down syndrome community. But it has also received some criticism, namely for, “glorifying” disability or evoking guilt from mothers who had already abortedRead More

8 Crystals And Stones Every Empath Should Have In Their Homes

  Empaths are the most energy sensitive people on earth. They are unique, intuitive, and often influenced by the actions of others. Many have learned over the years of their lives how to protect and defend themselves from the energy fields of others, but a little help can’t hurt. Crystals are great for an empath to keep in their spaces. Each one has a unique impact on your spirit energy. These are 8 that I think every empath should keep in their homes. 1. Amethyst. Amethyst is a protection stone.Read More

Breast implants linked to lymphoma

If you have breast implants or know someone who does, you’re at a higher risk of getting a specific type of lymphoma, according to the FDA. The particular strain is called anaplastic large cell lymphoma and doctors we spoke with tell us women shouldn’t get too worried because this type of lymphoma is very rare. It’s a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma which is basically a cancer of the immune system. It’s usually found in the scar tissue and fluid near the implant but it can spread throughout the body ifRead More

Teenager With Down’s Syndrome Makes Her Dream Come True When She’s Called For A Photo Shoot

people with Down’s syndrome are gaining more respect lately. Recently, teenager Faith Bates from Windle, Merseyside, has made her dream come true. She has wanted to pose in front of the camera since she was little but now has the chance to become a professional model. Way to go, Faith! Faith’s mother, Alexandria Walsh, sent off Faith’s beautiful photos to a company seeking someone to front a new campaign. The disability products company Simple Stuff Works quickly called back. Just 24 hours later, they called to ask Faith for their next photo-shoot.Read More

6 Ways to Shift Yourself from Pain Absorbing Empath to a Healing Empath

Sometimes you can become toxic to your own self. Every human being perceives all kinds of emotions around them. Empaths are people who feel the emotions felt by other people on a deeper than usual level. Because of this, they often lose emotional balance because the lines between their own emotions and someone else’s emotions are so blurred, that they cannot tell if they are in pain because of their own feelings or if they are suffering in someone else’s pain. Every empath has to get to a place whereRead More

A Step-By-Step Guide to Arm Lymphedema Exercises

  Prepare for Arm Lymphedema Exercises These simple gentle exercises can help the proteins in lymph fluid to be reabsorbed, and your arm lymphedema symptoms to diminish or disappear. Be sure to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor—before you start. Your doctor may also refer you to a physical therapist who can help you learn these exercises, and teach you others as well. If you have recently had surgery, wait until your surgical drains and sutures are out before trying these exercises. Do these exercises gently—you’re not bodybuilding here—and do not exercise to theRead More

A Step-By-Step Guide to Arm Lymphedema Exercises

Repeat the ball squeeze exercise 5 to 7 times. If your arm tires quickly, take breaks. You will gradually build up enough strength and stamina to do the ball squeeze several times without resting. Elbow Flexion—Seated Exercise  Elbow Flexion Exercise. Illustration © Pam Stephan The elbow flexion exercise uses your upper arm muscles, which are close to your axillary lymph nodes. As these muscles work, lymph fluid can be pumped back into your system and absorbed, reducing arm lymphedema. You can do the elbow flexion exercise with both arms. Use a one-poundRead More

Living with Down syndrome: ‘It’s a genetic accident’

Life according to Maria Jose Paiz Arias, a 19-year-old Panamanian woman with big ambitions – and Down syndrome.  At 19 years old, Maria Jose Paiz Arias already has an impressive list of achievements to her name. She has starred in Central America’s first commercial inclusive play, she has spoken at the United Nations headquarters and she has her own vlog on the website of one of Panama’s most-read newspapers. To mark World Down Syndrome Day, Maria Jose – or “Majo” – talks about living life with a third copy of chromosome 21. ManyRead More