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Teen with Down syndrome kicked off US flight after vomiting video

A US woman says her family was mistreated after being removed from an Alaska Airlines flight because her teenage brother with Down syndrome threw up.

Meaghan Hess said her parents were travelling with her teenage brother, Patrick Hess, when the incident occurred, NBC News reported.

Shortly after the trio boarded flight 779 in St Louis on April 5, flight attendants asked Patrick and his parents to deplane, said Hess, who was not travelling with them.

Meaghan Hess says Alaska Airlines' treatment of her brother Patrick is a case of "disability discrimination."

Meaghan Hess says Alaska Airlines’ treatment of her brother Patrick is a case of “disability discrimination.”

“After boarding the flight, Patrick threw up a little and the airline workers kicked my family off the flight.”

Alaska Airlines booked the trio on a flight the next morning, but did not offer to pay for accommodation, leaving them stranded at the airport for nearly 11 hours, she said.


“All they did was hand my parents a black garbage bag, saying that my brother could just throw up in that.”

Hess claims the airline’s conduct amounted to “disability discrimination,” and later said on Twitter that she was more bothered by how the airline treated the family after they left their original flight than by the fact that they were removed.

“It’s not just about getting kicked off but the terrible treatment after the fact. We are not looking for anything. We do hope this will encourage businesses to ensure they have policies and procedures protecting disabled persons,” she wrote.

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