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Teenager With Down’s Syndrome Makes Her Dream Come True When She’s Called For A Photo Shoot

people with Down’s syndrome are gaining more respect lately. Recently, teenager Faith Bates from Windle, Merseyside, has made her dream come true. She has wanted to pose in front of the camera since she was little but now has the chance to become a professional model. Way to go, Faith!

Faith’s mother, Alexandria Walsh, sent off Faith’s beautiful photos to a company seeking someone to front a new campaign.


The disability products company Simple Stuff Works quickly called back.


Just 24 hours later, they called to ask Faith for their next photo-shoot.

Faith’s mother explains: “As soon as I saw the advertisement I knew I had to put Faith forward, I just thought what do we have to lose. I got a response the next day saying they were very interested in Faith and said she looked very sassy. I couldn’t have described her better myself. She’s always loved being center of attention and being pampered I don’t think I could think of a better job for her.”

Faith studies hair and beauty at Mill Green Arts College and was thrilled to hear the news.

Alexandria said: “Faith was just hysterical, I can’t tell you how happy she was to get this opportunity. It was so amazing for my beautiful Faith to model for them. And for them to put on social media that she’s a professional model made her so excited.”


On Mach 21, Faith had her model debut. On this day, it was national Down’s syndrome day and mum Alexandria could not be prouder.

Faith was praised by the company for her ‘amazing work ethic’.

Alexandria added: “It was a double bubble really, a lovely unplanned twist of fate. To see her in front of the camera dazzling like the little diva she is, I could have burst with pride.”

She goes on: “It just goes to show that anyone can make their dreams come true and that people with Down’s syndrome are just as capable of achieving the same hopes and aspirations as everyone else. I’m so proud of her and hope others will join me in celebrating her and other children with Down’s syndrome because she is beautiful through and through. If more people were like these children we’d have a happier world.”

A spokesman for Simple Stuff Works said: “It is important to us that the diversity, beauty and positivity of our customers is reflected in the images we use to share our product range. We were thrilled to work with Faith, she has an amazing work ethic and professionalism that we were really impressed with.”


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