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Warning Signs Of Lymphedema


Lymphedema is a chronic disorder of the lymphatic system in which the lymph fluid doesn’t drain properly, which results in swelling in one or more parts of the body, It can be hereditary (Primary Lymphedema) or can occur after a surgical procedure, infection, radiation or other physical trauma (Secondary Lymphedema).

Dr. Stanley Rockson, co-founder of the Lymphatic Education & Research Network and an endowed chair at Stanford University for Lymphatic Research, says, Lymphedema is not a controversial condition, it’s “just not well recognized.”

Some warning signs of Lymphedema include infection in the skin (cellulitis) not related to an injury; removal of lymph nodes during surgery, or radiation therapy on or near lymph glands, and swelling in the extremities (arms and legs).

While there is no cure for the disease, Dr. Rockson tells Dr. Phil on Thursday’s episode, “I’m happy to say we’re making great progress.”

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