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What Actually Happens Inside An Empath: Explained


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An Empath is a person who feels the the feelings and Emotions of others as their own and also intensely  imprints their feelings and Emotions onto others.

The Empath can often feel things that they have not personally gone through. They act as a receptor of another humans emotions. If a person is experiencing fear or anxiety due trauma, such as witnessing a car accident for example, the Empath will become fearful and anxious as well without having witnessed or experience or even being told of the events.

The closer The Empath is to the other person physically or emotionally connected( in cases if loved ones or family members) the stronger the Empath will experience in their own body the feelings.

The opposite is also true. If the Empath is feeling anxious or fearful due to their own personal experience in trauma, again as an example, thoes in close proximity physical or emotional will begin to feel the Empaths feelings without even being an Empath themselves.

The Empath is like an open portal to internal and external expression.

This external expression of the Empath felt by others can be most notated in the audience of artist particularly recording artist. The audience becomes transed into the emotions of the performer and you can find fans testifying to how connected they felt to the performer and how they feel they understand and feel to become apart of the artist life.

Being an Empath can seam draining and overwhelming, The Empath is constantly feeling emotions and feelings that make no sense or relation to the actual experiences of the Empath. Leaving them to withdraw or feel misunderstood or believe they have difficulty with expressing themselves. However this tends to be far more true with thoes who are Empaths and do not know they are or understand their degree of Empathy.

Once The Empath realizes that they are an Empath and too what degree, where they fall on the spectrum, being able to discren what feelings and Emotions are theirs or that from others becomes much clearer. The Empath can even develope personal cues to or Natural practises alert them of the difference or when their own emotions might be overly impacting others.



Empathy falls on a specturm humans are naturally empathetic, this is why we cringe when others get hurt or we feel good when others are happy. Empathy is a human bonding mechanism that is under the influence or hormones such as oxytocin, cortisol, the sensory system, nervous system and other adrenal and brain functions. Empathy helps one human comprehend another human without the need of languange. It helps human come together to reproduce and meet survival needs.

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