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What Actually Happens Inside An Empath: Explained

A person can fall anywhere on the spectrum from basic human Empathy to Higher levels of Empathy where not just feelings and Emotions are felt but physical feelings such as ; physical pain , discomfort or warmth and pressure are felt as well through or recieved by the Empath.

An Empath that is completely aware of their influence or how they are influenced where ever they exist on the spectrum can develope control over how they send and receive feelings. Again this is most easily seen in recording artist who become highly emotional during the recording of a track and then state how much they want their listeners to “feel” what they experienced.

While it can seam intimidating, the ability for an Empath to use their influence to manipulate others. What must be considered is that any emotion or feeling sent or recieved must first be generated in the body and mind. Therefore the Empath would have to actually authentically feel it before it can be sent. Leaving a low probablity of a disgenuine feeling backed by a intent for manipulation to actually be sent. Also the Empath would essentially “feel” the manipulation themselves and then would experience that deciet and infact will send that out as well to the other person. Which the receiver will feel a sense of disingeuinity.

Empaths tend to be more readable when they are in their own experiences without the influence of another’s feelings and they are virtually transparent. Their feelings and Emotions are not fully capable of being hidden as they imprint on others, however Empath are often most questioned because the interpretation of their authentic selves (without the influence of others feelings ) relies heavily on the other person ability to trust articulate and comprehend what they are feeling when in proximity to the Empath, this often leaves the Empath opened to be harshly judged and misunderstood by others.

Confidence is key for any relationship, intimate,  business, or other and most importantly the relationship with the Empath and themselves. To confidently know what is their own feelings and what is not their feelings.

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