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‘What it was like living with my ex-girlfriend, the narcissist’

“It’s his own fault for driving that crappy old car. And he was probably speeding, so he has nobody to blame but himself.”

If she was reading a newspaper article about a tragedy, such as a school shooting in the US, she would barely frown about it. Things just didn’t have an impact on her, she had no empathy for anybody unless it was about herself.

If things didn’t go her way she would blame others, and refuse to accept the fact that if she didn’t get a promotion at work, it’s not because the boss is mistreating her, it might be because she is not qualified.

She has to win every argument, every game (I only played tennis with her once but never again!) and she was like a child having a tantrum if she lost anything.

When Katie met somebody for the first time she would inundate them with information about herself, about how great she is, how talented she is –  she’d tell them about all her achievements, most of which were just in her head!

And she would never ask the person anything about themselves, it was all about her. I would always find a way to butt into the conversation and ask the other person, ‘So what do you do and where do you come from’. Because it was so embarrassing to witness her constantly talking about herself and not letting the other person get a word in.

When I eventually found the courage to break up with Katie, she sent me a few text messages about how I will regret this for the rest of my life, especially when she is rich and famous. Then she sent a text saying that I am a loser and she deserves somebody more prominent than me because I am a ‘nobody’ while she is a ‘somebody.’

Then thankfully I never heard from her again.

So that’s what it was like to date a narcissist and I can only feel great pity for her next partner – hopefully he is prepared and knows what the signs are because it took me a few months to realise what kind of person I was dating. Never again!

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