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When A Narcissist Says These 10 Phrases, This Is What They Really Mean

We all know how narcissists use language differently. When a narcissist says these 10 phrases, they mean something totally different. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with a narcissist knows how badly it can feel.

When a narcissist uses phrases that most people use in everyday conversations, they bear a far different meaning. Everything is different in an abusive relationship with a narcissist. It’s all about the narcissist. The whole world turns around them. They have a pleasure when they manipulate their partners. They will put down anyone just to feel awesome, just to feel important.

Narcissists suffer from low self-esteem and insecurity. But, when they are in a relationship, they abuse their partner so they can feel better.

If you’re dealing with a narcissist and want to decode what they really mean by a simple phrase, you’ll need to listen more to their actions than their words. When a narcissist’s words are translated into their actual meaning, the results are frankly disturbing.

When a narcissist says these 10 phrases, this is what they really mean: (Written from the perspective of the narcissist.)

It’s not all about you.

When I say, “It’s not all about you,” I mean it’s all about me, I need attention. I can’t handle when you are the center of our conversation. If you ever mention your needs that I don’t fulfill, I’ll make you feel guilty and ashamed of having these needs in the first place. You can’t focus our conversation on someone who is not important, it has to be me. I’m the only one who is important!

You have trust issues.

I won’t ever admit it, but I am an untrustworthy person and I’ve shown you many times by betraying you. You should trust yourself and run, but it won’t happen. But if you leave, how could I have fun? I love making you doubt yourself and question your own sanity. You don’t know what is right or what is real unless I tell you.

You’re so jealous and insecure.

I love how you compete for my attention when I flirt with others in from of you. It makes me so desirable and powerful. I make you feel so diminished, and I know you’re never going to escape my grasp. You know how each suspect is real, but you know I am entitled to everything. You can’t do anything and you’re never going to leave me because you’re hooked up to this toxic relationship.

We’re just friends.

Whenever I get bored with you, I’m calling this person, and in case you leave, they can replace you. Maybe they are already acting as a valuable side piece. I’ll make sure you seem like the controlling one is you if you ever complain about my shady behavior with this person.

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