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Why Narcissists Cheat And How They Get Away With It


The sordid and terrible truth is that most narcissists cheat. They simply don’t possess the moral code to care about and respect others … it is all firmly about them.

And, they have the ability to barefaced lie, grandstand their version of their integrity and infidelity and gaslight you horrifically into believing you have serious paranoia issues, and it’s your own stuff ththeat is causing you to doubt them.

Additionally, even if caught out, the narcissist can still play dirty tricks, like come up with new evidence to discredit what you know, make it your fault, or even discard you saying they were leaving you anyway.

How do we get released from this toxic torment? How can we know whether a person has the susceptibility to behave like this or not?

I promise you, there are ways we can be more aware, safeguarded and generate a life of sexual wholesomeness and trust after the trauma of narcissistic infidelity and that is why I wanted to grant you with this very important video.



Video Transcript

Okay, let’s jump straight into this Thriver TV Episode because this is a topic that so many people are dealing with in their narcissistic encounter … infidelity.

The reasons for this are simple – psychopathy, which is an inherent sickness of narcissism. It means that someone has the inability to respect and care for the moral code of others. Conscience is lacking, and there is no guilt associated with lying and cheating – the narcissist is operating merely on their own behalf, to fulfil their own agenda.

Quite simply narcissists are selfish, entitled and all about themselves. They don’t care about what they do to other people, they simply care about how their life may be affected if they are caught.

Attention from other lovers is one of the favoured ways that a narcissist can seek narcissistic supply, which is the acclaim and significance to feed the False Self to make it feel important. To have affairs and seek sexual stimulation outside of ‘committed’ relationships requires pathological lying, which a sociopathic person is totally capable of doing – including straight to another person’s face.

Narcissists feel like they can’t survive on their own, they need another person to have their false and ‘non-existent’ self mirrored back to them. A relationship offers that, (no matter how sick and distorted it is) to have another in their life to allow them to believe that they are significant and feel alive. When alone, narcissists cannot escape the engulfing of their inner wounds.

We may think that this desire for another is about ‘love’, but truly it isn’t. It is about addiction and neediness. It is about having as constant a source of narcissistic supply as possible, which includes fulfilling a sex addiction, which of course the primary partner can’t meet sufficiently to keep feeding the narcissistic ego to help it always feel propped up. Hence why outside sexual partners are sought.


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