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Vatican stages UN event to protest ‘genocide’ against Down Syndrome

White lauded the fact that in the past 15 years there have been numerous scientific advances to better understand the condition and to improve the lives of those with Downs, including clinical trials. “Instead of skepticism, there is now every reason to be optimistic that biomedical research will yield findings that will positively impact the well-being of those with Down syndrome as well as offer important new insights into Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and other conditions of concern to the larger population,” White maintained. O’Callaghan offered a sweeping overview of EuropeanRead More

Vatican stages UN event to protest ‘genocide’ against Down Syndrome

NEW YORK – While the United Nations has a stated commitment to protecting and promoting the lives of those with Down Syndrome, the Holy See believes some in the international community are abetting what one Washington Post columnist recently termed a “genocide” against such individuals. At a United Nations event on Tuesday in anticipation of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, Archbishop Bernardito Auza, the apostolic nuncio to the United Nations, charged delegates with failing to uphold protections enshrined in international agreements to protect those with disabilities. “Despite the commitments madeRead More

10 Strange Behaviours Of An Authentic Empath

5. Crowds Affect You This might sound strange, but not to empaths. Crowded rooms, events, streets or parties can send your senses into a huge, overloaded muddle, with simultaneous emotions coming at you from all directions. Sounds like a nightmare, yes? With correct shielding (I recommend the use of protection stones) this energy is all but annulled. You can feel people’s moods or predominant energy as they walk past you. An aggressive person passing can feel like an energetic punch or slap in the face as they pass you. ARead More

10 Strange Behaviours Of An Authentic Empath

You have discovered you might be an empath and want to know the exact signs – it is not all bad you know! Once you learn the tricks of psychic protection, you will find it much easier to navigate this world without being energetically punched down all the time. 1. You Take On Other People’s Energy You really can’t help it. This is the key trait of the empath. You feel someone else’s energy and emotions, then begin to vibrate to the same emotion. If another is crying, you canRead More

Lymphedema: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options

There is no pill that will prevent or correct lymphedema, but there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of lymphedema and to manage the condition. The following are some ways for preventing flare ups, managing symptoms, and reducing your risk of developing lymphedema: Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) – a type of gentle skin massage that helps move lymphatic fluids. This is done by a lymphedema specialist and is typically covered by insurance. Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) – often considered the main treatment for lymphedema by the medical community, CDTRead More

A Letter to all of the doctors that Misdiagnosed lymphoma Cancer:

It’s officially been one year since I went into respiratory failure. One year since I was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkin’s lymphoma Cancer. One year since not only my life changed, but the lives of all of my friends and family changed. One year since I woke up in the ICU, after being transferred to Sylvester Comprehensive lymphoma Cancer Center, to Dr. Izidore Lossos, who essentially saved my life. One year since I spent the majority of my 2016 undergoing salvage chemotherapy and radiation. One year since cancer was inRead More

A Letter to all of the doctors that Misdiagnosed lymphoma Cancer:

I was told I had allergies, I had acid reflux, I was working out too hard and straining muscles in my stomach from Pilates, I was sweating at night from my metabolism. I told all of you all of my symptoms, but you didn’t listen. I was told my swollen lymph nodes underneath my arms were cysts that I had to get removed. It was misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis. Because of all of these physicians that didn’t take me, or my symptoms seriously, my lymphoma Cancer spread to every organ inRead More

Boy with Down syndrome baned from becoming an eagle scout by scouts of America

  Logan’s father is suing the organisation for $1 in damages and his son’s reinstatement in Boy Scouts of America The father of a boy with Down syndrome is suing the Boy Scouts of America after his son was banned from becoming an Eagle Scout and stripped of his badges. Logan Blythe, 15, from Utah, enrolled in the Boy Scouts after-school program three years ago after his parents confirmed with the Utah National Park Council that Logan would be accommodated and able to fully participate in the program. According toRead More

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Upcoming Intense March Equinox 2018

This March we will witness another Sun Equinox. This will be an interesting moment for all astrology enthusiast, but also, a crucial moment for all people who are interested in the world of spirituality or practice certain meditation techniques. The March Equinox represents a sacred time in the world of spirituality as well as it represents pure balance. As you already know, the equinox is pure equality- the day and night are equal, the energy of the whole planet changes rapidly and we are all feeling the disbalance in nature.Read More

The 7 Things That Terrify Narcissists to Their Core

1. Abandonment and rejection. Narcissists can’t stand being rejected or abandoned.   That’s why they fly into rages and punish and threaten you if you threaten to leave them, and love bomb you if you do manage to get away.  To reject a narcissist means you are rejecting the false self they have so carefully constructed to impress you.  To reject that false self negates their entire reason for existing, since whatever true self they may have left is completely inaccessible to them and the false self cannot survive onRead More