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Are You Dating A Narcissist? Here Are The Signs To Look Out For

First, for the unaware, let us explain what a ‘narcissist’ means. A ‘narcissist’ is someone who is unhealthily in love with themselves. They have an excessive interest and admiration of themselves, and hold themselves in the highest regard. Now, you might wonder why this is a bad thing, when we’re also the ones who preach self-love. So here’s the thing – dealing with people who suffer from a superiority complex can definitely be taxing, to say the least. Whether it’s at your workplace, or in your personal life. Imagine tryingRead More

Double cancer survivor, lymphedema patient enjoys life after treatment

HONOLULU (April 17, 2019) – The first lymphedema therapy program was recently established at Tripler Army Medical Center by embedding a certified lymphedema therapist from occupational therapy into the Tripler Radiation Oncology Therapy Clinic. This brand new capability at Tripler provides comprehensive rehabilitative care for patients suffering from lymphedema as a result of surgical oncology or radiation oncology procedures, and the feedback from staff and patients has been tremendously positive. “My husband retired here from the Army at Fort Shafter, and I feel lucky enough to have continuous care here,”Read More

Adorable dog with potentially deadly condition finds forever home

Kind bus conductor gives a home to adorable puppy with a rare condition that causes his legs to swell to double their normal size, which he developed because his breeders did not look after him An adorable puppy with a potentially deadly condition which saw his legs blow up to double their size has his out-of-proportion limbs to thank for finding him a home. Michael Swan, from Staten Island, New York, was drawn to the sweet pooch – now named Sherman – because of his oversized appendages. Bus conductor Swan, 39, saidRead More

A Healthy Diet Sent My Prostate Cancer into Remission

A WFPB Diet Helped Send My Prostate Cancer Into Remission In September 2013, six months shy of my 50th birthday, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Two urologists, including a surgeon from one of the leading cancer centers in the world (my “second opinion” doctor), recommended surgery. Instead, I decided to adopt a comprehensive, doctor-supervised program of lifestyle interventions—diet, exercise, supplements, and stress management—that have been known to slow progression of the disease and which I hoped would buy me some time until less invasive treatment options became available. IRead More

Tattoo may cause for Lymphedema

Tattoo Ink May Stain Your Lymph Nodes But more research is needed to determine whether this is actually a bad thing   getting a tattoo has always come with risks. There’s the possibility of an allergic reaction, infection or even diseases like hepatitis or tetanus if the equipment isn’t properly sterilized. And there’s always the risk of second-day doubt about your choice of everlasting image. But a new study shows there might also be broader health consequences of getting inked. As Agence France-Presse reports, researchers have found that potentially toxic metals from tattoo ink circulates in the immuneRead More

Lymphedema: What Are Your Surgical Options?

Just below your skin, you have a vast network of lymph vessels that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. These vessels, as part of the lymphatic system, filter fluid through the lymph nodes and then take the cleaned fluid — which now contains infection-fighting white blood cells — throughout your body. Lymphedema is an abnormal buildup of this fluid in any part of the body, but usually in your arms and legs. The main symptom of lymphedema is swelling of your arms or legs. Oluseyi Aliu, M.D.,Read More


He can’t get that you were afraid for your safety and he will see you leaving him as abandonment, but no one abandons a narcissist because, in his own eyes, he is perfect. He sees your relationship as a competition and you won. Since he can’t accept the fact you discarded him first, he will stalk and harass you for months and maybe even years after you break up. He will stalk you on social media, come to your home, send you texts, call you or even use someone else toRead More

Lymphedema treatment at Oak Hill Hospital

Oak Hill Hospital is spreading awareness about the causes,  symptoms, and treatment of Lymphedema, a condition affecting the lymphatic system. Mention AIDS, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease and most people know what you’re talking about. But, mention lymphedema, and the condition is not familiar at all. Yet, according to the National Institutes of Health, lymphedema affects approximately one in 1000 Americans and as many as 200 million people worldwide. Oak Hill Hospital has been offering lymphedema treatment services since October 2018 under the guidance of Felipe Chin P.T. D.P.T. —Read More

Is Elizabeth Holmes A Narcissist?

A lot can be said about Elizabeth Holmes’s personality as a leader and a scammer. The founder of Theranos, the disgraced biotech blood testing company, currently faces chargesfor fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and she could spend a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. But before her string of lies came to light, Holmes was a merciless boss who demanded a lot from her employees, worshipped Steve Jobs, really wanted to become a billionaire, and believed she was building an empire. At the end of Bad Blood, John Carreyrou’s book about Theranos, he raisesRead More

11 Facts Everyone Should Know About Borderline Personality Disorder

By Sanjana Singh Associate Health Writer 1. Borderline personality disorder often causes symptoms like extreme mood shifts and uncertainty in how a person views themselves and others. People with BPD tend to have difficulty regulating emotions, an unsteady sense of self, and a pattern of intense, unstable relationships. At its core, BPD affects how a person thinks and feels about themselves and others enough to negatively impact their daily life, according to the Mayo Clinic. The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which mental health professionals use to diagnoseRead More