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How to Make the Narcissist in Your Life a Little Nicer

A new study finds that deliberately considering the perspectives of others can help conceited people feel empathy. Love is great, but it’s actually empathy that makes the world go ‘round. Understanding other peoples’ viewpoints is so essential to human functioning that psychologists sometimes refer to empathy as “social glue, binding people together and creating harmonious relationships.” Narcissists tend to lack this ability. Think of the charismatic co-worker who refuses to cover for a colleague who’s been in a car accident. Or the affable friend who nonetheless seems to delight in back-stabbing.Read More

Famous People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Are the incidences of celebrities with narcissistic personality disorder higher than that of the general population? A 2006 study by Dr. Drew Pinsky concludes that, as a demographic group, actors and entertainers have more narcissistic tendencies (narcissistic personality disorder symptoms) than the rest of the U.S. population. This study gave credence to the natural proclivity of the media and public to label celebrities as narcissists, even when there was no diagnosis or record of treatment for narcissistic personality disorder. Actor, Gene Wilder, theorized that all actors are narcissists who cameRead More

Famous People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Top 10 – Most Famous Narcissists – 2017 Here, we list some famous celebrities with narcissistic personality disorder. 10. Kanye West The famous rapper Kanye West is full of self-esteem. He has been considered to have the most narcissistic behavior due to his bizarre statements. At an interview, he compared himself with Steve Jobs and also said he was the Michael Jordan of music. His behavior with Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards 2009 is also unforgettable and a proof of his narcissistic disorder. He referred himself toRead More

This Is How Strong Women Shut Down Narcissistic People

  4.Narcissists have the tendency to manipulate people. Business people talking together in the park See, narcissistic people control others by having the ability to influence their emotions or their actions, so that things go in their favor. The catch is that strong women are extremely hard to manipulate. If they don’t feel like doing something or if they have a strong opinion about something, it’s highly unlikely that even the strongest manipulators out there, such as narcissistic people, will trick them into doing things they don’t want. 5.Narcissists often bring downRead More

Are You an Introverted Empath?

It’s a strange thing being an introverted empath and something I have thought about and researched for years. As I was growing up I thought I was different, I thought there was something wrong with me.  I never seemed to fit into any crowd or belong to a particular group of people. I got bored easily of people’s company and seemed to see right through people.  I preferred deep and meaningful conversations, even as a child.  I asked the big questions and sought out people who had the answers. InRead More

This Is How Strong Women Shut Down Narcissistic People

Narcissistic people are very capable when it comes to taking over somebody’s life. They’ll use anything and everything to make people do what they want and they’ll be the one to get the best of it. Everybody fights the narcissists in their own way, but strong women manage to fight them to the extent of scaring them away. This is what strong women do differently:   1.Narcissists are very good at finding nice people. They need nice people to be around them, so they can feel better about themselves. They needRead More

How to Stay with a Narcissist?

Having a sustainable relationship with a narcissist can be challenging. Here is a list of tips to help you stay in a relationship with someone who is narcissistic.  Realize that some of these tips contradict each other; this is because remaining in a long term relationship with a narcissist is a contradictory endeavor. It is recommended that you understand that the relationship rules for narcissists are different than those for others. The following suggestions will help you to have a close, ongoing relationship with a narcissist: Make sure you colludeRead More

A gossip columnist’s guide to outwitting Trump, ‘a narcissist beyond description’

When Donald Trump became a presidential candidate, Susan Mulcahy got a call from a former colleague at New York Newsday. “You’d better stock up on valium,” the ex-colleague said. “It’s because I hated him so much,” said Mulcahy, the veteran gossip columnist who covered Trump for years at the New York Post, describing the call. “I would go ballistic if his name was mentioned in the office.” Trump’s reputation as a liar now precedes him, but this week it reached new heights. In addition to reports that he regularly brags about winning the votesRead More

A gossip columnist’s guide to outwitting Trump, ‘a narcissist beyond description’

It was an ironic place to find oneself, post-Watergate: getting stories confirmed by a confirmed crook. But Nixon was apparently more honest than the guy he was meeting with. Making the lie more ridiculous, Mulcahy recalled, was the fact that the meeting was, by all reports, relatively innocuous – Nixon was looking for an apartment and thought Trump might help. “Why lie about that? What difference does it make?” she asked of Trump’s denial. “He has become so used to getting away with everything that the fact that he liesRead More

Hero dog saves poorly pooch’s life with blood donation

Blood donated by a dog saved the life of a ­desperately ill Border collie who lives more than 200 miles away. Casey the collie developed a dangerous disorder called immune-­mediated hemolytic anemia after cutting her paw on a woodland walk near her home in Halifax, Yorkshire. She was saved thanks to a donation of blood given to the Pet Blood Bank by Ishka, a Retriever Labrador cross from Port Seton, East Lothian. Casey’s owner Frances Wright said: “Without PBB and their donors, I wouldn’t have Casey by my side today.Read More