Enphase (ENPH) introduces bi-directional EV charging for an all-in-one solar home energy system

Enphase Energy (ENPH), the world’s leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems, announced Thursday its latest innovation – a bi-directional EV charger. The technology allows EVs to power your home during an outage or support the grid during peak demand.

The best part is that it establishes a solar-powered, all-in-one home energy system to give users complete control over their energy.

Founded in 2006, Enphase has been a critical factor in advancing the solar energy industry. The company introduced the first microinverter-based solar system in 2008 and has grown to become the worlds leading provider.

Enphase’s microinverters are tucked beneath each solar panel, converting DC power to AC. More importantly, its revolutionary IQ8-based systems provide “Sunlight Backup,” even during a power outage.

The company’s proprietary technology collects and monitors performance data, allowing users to make, use, save, or sell their power all from their smartphones.

With Enphases IQ battery, available in 10.1 kWh and 3.4 kWh, you can store excess energy harnessed from the sun, saving it for later use or when needed. Pairing the Enphase IQ8 microinverters with its IQ batteries gives homeowners energy independence and peace of mind during blackouts.

Enphase is adding another significant piece to its home energy system, announcing Thursday the successful demonstration of its bidirectional electric vehicle charger.

Enphase unveils its bidirectional EV charger

The new bidirectional EV charger supports vehicle-to-home (V2H), vehicle-to-grid (V2G), and Green charging capabilities for users to get the most out of their home energy systems and EVs.

  • V2H – allows energy from the EVs battery to power a home.
  • V2G – shares energy from the EVs battery with the grid to lower demand during peak times (and possibly get paid for it).
  • Green charging – Enables clean solar energy to be sent to the EVs battery.

The charger is expected to work with most electric vehicle models that support CSS and CHAdeMo standards. Enphase’s charger will leverage its IQ8 microinverters and other proprietary technology to establish an all-in-one solar-powered home energy system.

Mohammad Alkuran, Ph.D., senior director of systems engineering at Enphase, said:

The Enphase bidirectional EV charger is the next step on our roadmap to building a solar-powered, all-in-one home energy system that further unlocks electrification, resilience, savings, and control for homeowners.

He added the bidirectional charger will be a “game changer” for those looking for maximum control over their energy. Enphase is currently working with EV manufacturers, regulators, and others to bring the charger to market in 2024. See a demonstration of how the technology works below.

Electrek’s Take

With the addition of its latest bidirectional EV charger, Enphase is embarking on a quest to give homeowners complete energy freedom.

The all-in-one solar energy system gives us a glimpse into what the future of renewable energy use could look like.

For one thing, it gives people the option to power their EV with entirely clean energy through its Green charging feature rather than relying on the grid. Then, the EV can send energy back to the home or grid if needed.

The Enphase energy system can instantly detect any power outages and automatically shift from the grid to draw energy from solar, battery storage, or even the EVs battery for uninterrupted power.

Enphase is already a global energy tech leader, but its bidirectional EV charger unlocks an entirely new segment while unleashing the full potential behind electric vehicles.

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