VinFast delays first US EV deliveries to late Feb, second batch even later

Vietnamese electric vehicle maker VinFast said Friday it will be delaying the first deliveries of VF8 models for US customers until late February as it finished loading the EVs with its latest software.

Vinfast delays VF 8 deliveries for US customers

After making its grand debut at the LA Auto Show in 2021 and delivering the first EV sold in Vietnam, VinFast has set its intentions on becoming a global brand.

In November, VinFast held a ceremony to celebrate the first batch of 999 VF 8 models being exported to the US. Shortly after, the EV maker filed the necessary paperwork to hold an IPO and go public on US markets.

The move comes as VinFast looks to grow its brand and compete in the rapidly evolving US electric vehicle market. However, with the recent price cuts by Tesla sending shockwaves through the market, several analysts have predicted an EV price competition as automakers like Ford slashed Mach-E prices to remain competitive.

VinFast told Electrek last week it will offer a special pricing promotion for its first electric vehicle deliveries in the US.

The VF 8 City Edition Eco now starts at $49,000, while the Plus trim starts at $56,000. Buyers will also be eligible for an additional $3,000 direct discount offer off the MSRP. The Eco trim also received an upgraded EPA estimated range of 207 miles (333 km), compared to 179 previously.

Despite an initial delivery target of December 2022, VinFast said Friday in a statement:

The cars have been updated with the latest software. We are planning to hand over the first VF8 vehicle models to customers in the second half of February.

VinFast added that the second batch of US-bound EVs will be shipped in the second quarter of 2023 though no specifics on the shipment size were mentioned.

Electrek’s Take

Like VinFast, nearly every other automaker at this point (maybe not Toyota) is chasing electric vehicle share because that’s where the auto industry is headed.

Having said that, companies like VinFast are quickly trying to adapt to the changing environment. You know what they say, first impressions are most important. The delay is likely to ensure that the company’s first batch of EVs to be delivered is up to standard and that customers are happy with their new models.

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