Tesla files to trademark ‘TeslaOne’ for new in-house application

Tesla has filed to trademark the term “TeslaOne” for what appears to be a new in-house work mobile application.

Last week, Tesla filed for a new trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We waited until this week to report on it since we got misled by another filing seemingly made by Tesla last month for new vehicles but that was actually initiated by a Tesla fan for the company.

Therefore, we waited until we could get our hands on the original application for this one, and we can confirm that it was signed by Emily Lough, associate general counsel and chief IP counsel for Tesla.

The new filing is for the term “TESLAONE”; based on the application, it is for a workplace mobile application.

Tesla wrote about the new trademark:

TESLAONE™ trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of downloadable computer software in the nature of a mobile application for document management, workforce timekeeping and scheduling, analysis of employee time and activity, tracking purchase orders and returns, completing customizable comment forms, and database management.

The automaker is known for developing its own enterprise software instead of relying on commonly used software from companies like SAP or Salesforce.

Most famously, Tesla has created its own all-encompassing enterprise software that manages all parts of its business, from sales to supply chain.

Tesla’s longtime chief information officer, Jay Vijayan, who quietly left in January 2016, is credited for leading the development of the system, which Tesla calls “Warp.”

Vijayan discussed what pushed them to develop their “Warp” system in-house during an interview with CIO Insight in 2014:

Elon’s vision is to build a vertically integrated organization where information flow happens seamlessly across departments and where we have a closed feedback loop to our customers. By doing this, we can provide the best possible product, service, and overall experience to our customers in the fastest way possible, while also operating efficiently as a business to bring this vision to life, we had to have simple and central business operations software that could connect all departments and enable information flow seamlessly across departments. Again, we couldn’t find one software program in the market that satisfied this need.

Elon Musk has since pushed his companies to develop even more new enterprise engineering systems to be used across his multiple companies.

For example, we previously reported on Tesla and SpaceX sharing some custom software platforms developed for materials research.

WARP encompasses a lot of important back-end software that automates many processes for Tesla, from purchasing to manufacturing to inventory.

In 2021, Tesla accused one of its former engineers of stealing the Warp system.

Tesla has since migrated to new versions of its in-house software, and it looks like TeslaOne might be a new addition to Tesla’s in-house enterprise software.

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