John Deere launches first electric zero-turn mower that will make you actually want to cut the grass

John Deere is a company of many firsts, but the brand’s latest product, the Z370R Electric ZTrak Residential Zero Turn mower, may actually have you wanting to cut the grass.

The fully electric zero-turn mower, an industry-first, upgrades the mowing experience while freeing you from gasoline.

In 1837, John Deere himself is credited with developing the first commercially successful steel plow, which blew the other plows available at the time out of the water. There was no comparison.

The company hopes to do the same as it enters a new era of technology. John Deere launched its first fully electric residential zero-turn lawn mower on Tuesday, the Z370R Electric ZTrak calling for an “electric tomorrow.”

The electric mower features a 3.2 kWh (3.56 kWh maximum) sealed lithium-ion battery capable of mowing up to two acres per charge.

With a 42-inch Accel Deep Deck and two adjustable mowers, the zero-emission EV delivers the same productivity and cut quality as its gas-powered counterparts, with added benefits. The electric transaxle has a seven mph maximum forward speed, three different modes which can be controlled from a large LCD screen, and zero turn capabilities for the perfect lines each time.

One of the best features is that since it doesn’t include a gasoline engine, the mower is nearly silent. No more vibration as you ride or annoying high-pitched wine. Perhaps, more importantly, an electric lawn mower can free you from gas and oil changes, filters, belts, maintenance, and all the fun stuff that comes with owning a traditional lawnmower.

John Deere’s Z370R Electricle mower is available for preorder now with a list price of $6,399, according to its website.

Electrek’s Take

I’m happy to see John Deere introducing capable zero-emission electric technology for residential use.

Electrifying lawn equipment needs to be a priority. EPA data shows gas-powered lawnmowers make up five percent of total air pollution in the US. Moreover, it takes about 800 million gallons of gasoline each year (with an additional 17 million gallons spilled) to fuel this equipment.

Although they produce fewer emissions than passenger cars, they can be especially dangerous to our health. A four-stroke lawnmower operating for one hour can be equivalent to a vehicle traveling 500 miles.

Some states, like California, are banning “small off-road engines” such as those used in lawn equipment, but what good is a ban if it’s not enforced?

Instead, a better idea would be for the largest manufacturers, like John Deere, to go all in on zero-emission technology, giving people the options they need.

The Z370R Electric ZTrak is a big step for John Deere that will hopefully spark the transition needed in the lawn equipment industry.

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