Maybach’s first plug-in hybrid sedan gets nearly twice the all-electric range of a Toyota Prius

Mercedes-Maybach unveiled its first plug-in hybrid Thursday, the S 580 e sedan, marking a new era for the over 100-year-old luxury automaker. Despite being a PHEV, the Maybach S 580 e gets twice the all-electric range of Toyota’s fifth-generation Prius.

Perhaps, more importantly, Maybach is set to release its first fully electric vehicle later this year.

Maybach goes electric with the s 580 e sedan PHEV

Maybach, the ultra-luxury sub-brand of Mercedes, known for selling to Emperors and kings, bankers and entrepreneurs, select athletes and stars, is embarking on a new chapter.

Since Maybach aims to create “the very best of the very best,” it caters to consumer trends and demands. The iconic luxury brand says its “continually reinventing” itself as it enters a new electrified era.

Head of Mercedes-Maybach, Daniel Lescrow, explains the s 580 e sedan is more than a PHEV. It’s a pivotal step toward an electric future, stating:

With our first plug-in hybrid model, we are combining the luxury experience typical of Maybach with emission-free local driving when in electric driving mode. The Mercedes?Maybach S 580 e represents a pivotal step in the transformation of our heritage brand into an electric future. 

The S 580 e is an enhanced version of the Mercedes-Benz s580e, sharing the same powertrain but allowing CO2 emission-free driving for the first time in a Maybach.

With a 28 kWh battery, the Maybach S 580 e has an all-electric range of about 62 miles (100 km WLTP), enough to get around the city or run errands with an electric drive output of 110 kW (150 hp).

Coincidentally, Maybach’s first plug-in hybrid can travel nearly double the range of Toyota’s fifth-generation Prius with an “upgraded” 36 electric-only miles.

The S 580 e features a top electric speed of around 86 mph (140 km/h) and can charge from a completely dead battery to 100% in about 30 minutes with a 60 kW DC fast charger.

However, it seems there may be more to look forward to from Maybach, including its first fully electric vehicle. Lescrow added during the release:

We will present our first fully electric model as early as 2023.

The S 580 e will initially be released in China, followed by Thailand, Europe, and other countries.

Electrek’s Take

The ultra-luxurious is going electric. Maybach’s first plug-in hybrid is sure to impress, and with 62 all-electric range, it can be enough to get from point A to B and back.

When designed and used correctly, PHEVs can reduce emissions compared to gas or diesel-powered cars. However, they are often inefficiently designed and still emit emissions or burn fuel in “electric only” mode.

Perhaps, more importantly, PHEVs still give way to fossil fuel revenue. (Why are oil companies still earning record profits?) If PHEV is a must, it should be designed as electric first. Simply put – EVs are the best choice.

With Maybach’s first fully electric vehicle due out as soon as this year, the company won’t be looking back. We’ll keep you updated when we hear more.

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