Tesla is preparing to launch its new Autopilot hardware 4.0 upgrade

Tesla is preparing to launch its new Autopilot hardware 4.0 upgrade, according to a filing with European regulators.

The automaker is expected to announce a new Autopilot/Self-Driving hardware suite, which has been referred to as Hardware 4.0 (HW4), any day now.

There have been quite a few indications that some major changes are coming. For example, after famously removing radar sensors from its hardware suite, we learned in December that Tesla is planning to add one as soon as this month.

Additionally, we also reported on a Tesla Model 3 prototype that potentially featured a new Autopilot/Full Self-Driving hardware suite.

A report coming out of China also showed that Tesla applied with regulators for some modifications to its vehicles, including new Autopilot cameras.

Now Tesla has done the same in Europe where it files for changes to its vehicles with regulators in the Netherlands.

The Tesla forum TFF has a neat tracker to follow all the changes that the automaker applies for with the regulator, and it revealed a new application for Model S and Model X with a significant list of changes:

  • Introduction of Generation 4 complex vehicle control system (Autopilot)
  • Introduction of new car computer and GNSS antenna
  • Introduction of Gen3 inverters to ######m1# drive units
  • Change to Automatic Dipped and Main Beam Sensor
  • Unification of Model X brake system application
  • Introduction of new stay arm for Model X interior rear-view mirror
  • Update to manufacturer’s engine code
  • Update to vehicle’s rear badging
  • Update to vehicle’s maximum vehicle speed

It confirms that Tesla is about to release the new Autopilot hardware 4.0, and it is going to include a new computer.

With Tesla now applying with regulators, it is fair to expect the launch of the new hardware to be imminent.

CEO Elon Musk recently commented on the introduction of Hardware 4.0, and while he didn’t release any details about the upgrade or its timing, he did confirm that Tesla doesn’t plan to offer retrofits for older models.

Interestingly, more changes are being introduced at the same time, including a new drive inverter, though more details are not available.

Also, this is the new rear badging for those who are curious:

The new top speed appears to be linked to the Plaid models, which have yet to deliver on Tesla’s original top speed promises when first announcing its new top-of-the-line models.

The automaker has been software limiting the top speed until it can release its carbon ceramic brake kit to improve braking performance and make that insane top speed of 322 km/h (200 mph) safer.

As we previously reported, a Tesla Model S Plaid owner already managed to beat that top speed by unlocking the speed limiter in Tesla’s software.

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