Wiesmann’s $320k ‘Project Thunderball’ roadster EV sells out entire first year of production

Boutique luxury sports car maker Wiesmann has announced that the EV roadster representing the marque’s renaissance has already sold out its entire first year of production before it commences in Germany next year. Starting at an MSRP over $320,000, Wiesmann is promising its “Project Thunderball” EV will have ultra-fast charging, acceleration, and power – all packed into a “sticky” and dynamic two-seat configuration.

Wiesmann GmbH is a custom, hand-built automaker that specializes in luxury convertibles and coupes. The company was founded in 1988 by Wiesmann brothers Friedhelm and Martin focused on quality cars that stick to the road – part of the reasoning behind the automaker’s gecko logo.

During its pre-EV era in the early ’90s, Wiesmann delivered a custom “MF” line of models powered by BMW engines and transmissions. By the early 2000s, the automaker was releasing GT versions of the MF series with intentions to export them to the US.

Those plans fell through, however, due to high exchange rates and costs to modify Wiesmann vehicles to become street legal stateside. By 2014, the company had been “temporarily closed” due to the inability to pay its debts. Current CEO Roheen Berry purchased what remained of the boutique marque and Wiesmann was born again during the pandemic.

Eight years felt like a lot more than a “temporary closure,” but Wiesmann returned to the market in mid-2022 with a stylish new roadster EV called “Project Thunderball.” With production scheduled to begin next year, Wiesmann has shared that the first batch scheduled for year one is completely sold out… we’re just trying to figure out how many EVs that actually entails.

Wiesmann’s new EV sold out through 2024, but how many?

Per a release from the reborn German automaker this morning, its order book for the Project Thunderball EVs opened last September and has since been filled. Wiesmann states that production of the roadster EVs will begin in 2024 at its “Gecko” facility in Dülmen, Germany, where, “cutting-edge manufacturing technology and skilled craftsmanship come together to deliver the brand’s unique blend of precision engineering and bespoke coach-building expertise.”

However, one thing that remains unclear is the production capacity Wiesmann’s Gecko facility is capable of, and how many orders a sold out first year of EV production actually entails. We’ve asked the automaker for clarification and are waiting to hear back. Since EV will be hand built, we aren’t expecting massive output numbers, especially in its first year, but it would be nice to know what the automakers target are and how many have been spoken for.

As a relatively boutique marque looking to rebound from previous business follies, Wiesmann 2.0 is asking big bucks for its first EV to the tune of 300,000 euros (~$321k). But if it can deliver the specs its Project Thunderball EV is promising, Wiesmann should make a select group of affluent customers very happy with their purchase.

The two-seat roadster will come equipped with a dual motor RWD configuration, capable of 680 hp, 1,100 Nm (811 lb-ft) of torque, 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 2.9 seconds, and a targeted range of 500 km (311 mi) (WLTP). It will also be capable of 300 kW DC fast charging and offer “near perfect weight distribution.” Wiesmann owner and CEO Roheen Berry spoke to the demand for the upcoming EV:

We are all extremely proud that Project Thunderball – the car which heralds the return of the storied Wiesmann brand – should resonate so strongly with driving enthusiasts from around the world. We knew that combining the timeless design, luxury, and hand-crafted finish that Wiesmann is renowned for, together with a state-of-the-art electric powertrain that delivers exceptional performance, range and charging and our own technology, including the innovative regenerative braking system, would result in a truly captivating and iconic car. To have already sold out the first year of production proves the unique appeal of Project Thunderball and represents a phenomenal start to a Wiesmann’s new, electrified era.

Production and deliveries of Wiesmann’s Project Thunderball EVs are expected to begin in 2024. In the meantime, you can check out the roadster EV prototype in action below.

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