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2San and LloydsPharmacy Partner to Bring Affordable and Accessible Diagnostic Tests To Market – Digital Health Technology News

  • In partnership with LloydsPharmacy, 2San to launches eight new affordable self-diagnostic tests
  • The new tests open the door to self-testing for LloydsPharmacy customers
  • The listing is a major milestone for 2San as its first nationwide listing

February 2023: 2San, a global supplier of high-quality innovative healthcare products and solutions, has secured its first nationwide listing with leading UK pharmacy, LloydsPharmacy. This February, eight new ‘over the counter’ rapid self-diagnostic kits are launching on LloydsPharmacy website with nationwide availability. The kits will put the products directly into the consumers’ hands, democratising healthcare, breaking down barriers and eliminating pressures on healthcare services and allow people to make informed decisions about their own health.

The partnership with LloydsPharmacy is part of 2San’s vision for Better Care. Better Life. Since self-diagnostic tests became commonplace during the peak of the COVID19 pandemic, the idea of taking an initial test at home to self-diagnose has become increasingly acceptable and appealing to consumers with specific health demands. In fact, 87% of consumers that used COVID-19 lateral flow tests trusted the quality and outcome of test results[1], paving the way for 82.5% of the group surveyed welcoming the idea of being able to effectively manage aspects of their own health & wellness from home using self-tests before needing to approach the doctor[2].

Recent data from a study undertaken by IPSOS on behalf of 2San found that 91% of consumers were happy with the process of self-diagnostic testing,[3] and when asked what is most appealing about using self-diagnostics, the top three priorities were speed of results (29%), ability to take control of your own health (24%) and reducing the strain on NHS services (21%)[4]. All showcasing the rise in consumer demand for this type of product.

Seven of the tests launching with LloydsPharmacy for the three-month trial period will be under the 2San brand, with 2San acting as the UK importer for an eighth product. The full tests to be launched include:

?       2San Bowel Health Test (tests for hidden Blood in stool)

?       2San Stomach Ulcer (H. Pylori) Test

?       2San Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid Test)

?       2San Drugs of Abuse (Multi-Drugs) Test

?       2San Male Fertility (Sperm Concentration Test)

?       2San Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Test

?       2San Bacterial Vaginosis (Vaginal PH) Test

?       Strep A Rapid Self-Test

Following an initial launch phase online, the partnership will extend to stores throughout the country, improving access further to this new self-diagnostics category.

2San wants to ensure high quality healthcare is affordable and accessible to all, which is why prices for the tests start at just RRP £4.49.

2San’s Global CEO, Mark Hewlett, comments on the launch, “As a fast-growing business, this partnership with LloydsPharmacy is a huge step for us to enable consumers to take control over their own healthcare. Self-testing is only one part of the healthcare journey, but we believe it is an extremely important part. We know people are more willing and able than ever to take and understand the results of self-diagnostic kits – whether that is to get a better, broader understanding of their health, or to enable them to take the first step to seeking further medical advice.

“As our healthcare service continues to face increasing pressures, partnering with one the UK’s largest pharmacy companies will enable the self-testing journey to be seamlessly linked with the appropriate treatment pathway. This excites us, as we seek to ensure people can live better, healthier lives in times of increasing pressure on healthcare systems globally.”

Adam Henderson, Category Manager – Dental, Medelec & Self Testing at Lloyds Pharmacy says: “Lloyd’s Pharmacy are delighted to be partnering with 2San to bring affordable self-diagnostic tests to the market to empower our customers to take control of their health and wellbeing”.



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