Environmental services leader unveils first fully integrated electric recycle and waste truck

Republic Services, one of the largest waste disposal companies and environmental services leaders, unveiled the first fully integrated electric recycling and waste collection truck Monday, according to the company.

With over 17,000 trucks, Republic Services is one of the largest operators of vocational fleets offering residential and commercial recycling and waste solutions.

Republic Services is the second largest waste disposal provider behind Waste Management Company. However, with several supplier partnerships, the company is making the most significant commitment to electrification in the industry. It is also the only US environmental services provider with emissions reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

In 2019, Republic revealed its long-term sustainability goals, including reducing absolute Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (from 2017 levels) by 35% by 2030.

With the introduction of the first fully integrated electric recycling and waste collection truck, Republic Services is progressing toward hiring its goal.

The first fully integrated electric recycling and waste truck

According to Republic Services, the company will begin operating two fully integrated EV waste trucks this fall. Perhaps more importantly, electric garbage trucks will represent half the new trucks purchased over the next five years.

Republic worked with engineers from OshKosh corp to provide insights on operational and safety features for the truck, such as improved visibility, 360-degree cameras, lane departure sensors, etc.

OshKosh has experience developing a number of heavy-duty EVs, such as fire trucks, defense vehicles, and aircraft rescue cars.

President and CEO of Republic, Jon Vander Ark, praised the company’s move, saying:

Our engagement with Oshkosh on the truck of the future will accelerate the transition of our fleet while providing advanced safety features and technology. We’ll continue to invest in innovations that will help reduce emissions, benefit the environment and help our customers meet their own sustainability goals.

If you’re in Phoenix, Arizona, keep a lookout this fall, as the two automated side-load prototypes will hit the streets for residential collections.

Additional areas are planned for 2024, including Santa Ana and Carlsbad, California, and Portland, Oregon.

Electrek’s Take

The waste and recycling collection business is perfect for going electric. The trucks run consistent routes and are left to sit overnight.

Perhaps, more importantly, gas-powered garbage trucks travel throughout communities, often idling to pick up and load waste, releasing harmful emissions everywhere they go, often for prolonged periods.

Electric garbage trucks, on the other hand, offer zero emissions to promote cleaner air in our communities, are nearly silent, and can save cities on maintenance and gas expenses. Republic Services is setting an example for the industry by setting a clear roadmap to electrify its fleet.

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