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How Modernizing Data Storage Leads to Better Data Access in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is flooded with data. For decades, through changes in regulatory guideline and advances in technology, healthcare organizations have struggled to manage patient, clinical and billing data safely. Organizations are now sifting through large amounts of existing data, but experts say that there’s more to come.

“There’s been a proliferation of systems that acquire more and more data, whereas 25 years ago, there might have been a handful of systems,” says Michael Giannopoulos, healthcare and life sciences CISO and CTO for the Americas and federal healthcare director of global alliances for Dell Technologies.

“Today, you have a hundred systems generating data,” Giannopoulos says. “If you walk into any facility, be it an acute care or ambulatory care organization, you will find that there are things buzzing and beeping everywhere. All that data is being harvested and brought somewhere to sit.”

DISCOVER: How Dell Technologies enables healthcare organizations to transform data storage.

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