Bobcat goes electric with world’s first skid-steer loader EV and autonomous concept machine

Bobcat is digging deeper into fully electric technology with its latest concept machines revealed at Conexpo-con/agg 2023. The leading construction and agriculture machinery company unveiled what it calls the “world’s first” all-electric skid-steer loader alongside a new autonomous concept model that’s in a category all its own.

Best known for its compact construction equipment, Bobcat innovated the industry with its lightweight, maneuverable equipment.

The name Bobcat was chosen in honor of the quick, agile, and tough medium-sized cat that roams parts of North America. In 1960, Bobcat changed the industry forever, introducing the first true skid-steer loader, the M400, sparking the compact equipment revolution.

Skid-steer loaders changed the game, offering versatility and high power in a compact frame for digging and hauling projects.

Since then, Bobcat has expanded to become a leading global manufacturer of construction, landscaping, agriculture, forestry, and snow removal manufacturer with compact excavators, utility vehicles, tractors, zero-turn mowers, and more.

For its latest innovation, Bobcat looks to change the game again. Starting from its roots, the company revealed two fully electric concepts, including the world’s first electric steer-skid loader.

Bobcat introduces two new fully electric concept machines

Bobcat is following up on its release of the T7X, what it calls the first all-electric compact track loader, last year with two new innovations.

The first is a fully electric skid-steer loader. Bobcat’s electric machine is powered by a 60.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, electric drive motors, and ball screw actuators for lift and tilt functions.

Bobcat says the powerful electric powertrain is equipped to outperform its diesel-powered equivalent while generating three times as much torque as a traditional loader, although specifics are not stated.

The S7X gives operators more than a full day’s work with over eight hours of operating time. Charging will be ideal overnight with 10 hours of approximate charge time.

Bobcat is partnering with Moog Inc., an electric and hydraulic controls and systems manufacturer with experience in aerospace, defense, industrial, and other industries, to make it a reality. In addition, Bobcat is expanding its partnership with Viridi for its fail-safe battery systems used in the T7X, which has already begun rolling out.

Scott Park, Doosan Bobcat CEO, commented on the new release, stating:

As the inventor of the original skid-steer loader, we are excited to take the machine that created the industry and reinvent it all over again.

The second release, Bobcat, refers to as “Rogue X.” The Rogue X concept is in a “category all its own” with fully electric, autonomous capabilities that most closely resemble a track loader.

Bobcat’s model does not have a cab, but using kinematics, the Rogue X has both vertical and radial-path capabilities. Details are scarce since it’s still a concept, but Bobcat says a lithium-ion battery, an electric drive system, and no hydraulics power the Rogue X.

Bobcat says although the S7X electric skid-steer loader is debuting as a prototype, the company plans to move to commercialization. The Rogue X is still in early development with no additional details.

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