Bowlus to become the first fully electric luxury RV company following Volterra’s success

After releasing the world’s first all-electric production RV, the Volterra, last year, American luxury travel trailer maker Bowlus says it will now become the first fully electric RV company.

Bowlus plans for an all-electric RV lineup

Bowlus changed the way we look at travel, releasing the first aluminum travel trailer in 1934, several years before the famed aluminum Airstream hit the market.

The RV maker has continued to innovate the industry with new productions and inventions like the first fully aluminum monocoque space frame, eliminating about half the weight of comparable-size RVs.

The new design would shape Bowlus’s future of providing the ultimate towing experience with a luxurious cabin for best-in-class comfort and adventure performance.

In 2016, the company launched the first lithium-powered RV with a 4 kWh lithium-ion power system that could supply up to a week of off-grid power and, for the first time, air conditioning.

Bowlus followed it up with the Volterra in 2022, deemed the world’s first all-electric RV. The Volterra features 17 kWh of power, AeroSolar solar panels, an induction cooktop, Starlink high-speed satellite internet, Emergency EV charging, and more advanced features to make the ultimate off-grid experience for a starting price of $310,000.

The RV maker revealed Tuesday it plans to become the first fully electric RV company with an entire lineup of EV models, including the Volterra, Terra Firma, and Heritage.

CEO of Bowlus, Geneva Long, who envisioned the transition to all-electric ten years ago, says:

Where most RV brands use old technology involving propane and gas or traditional batteries, we are making new ground, just like we always have. Picture yourself enjoying nature without the noise of a generator – it’s a fully immersive experience to be all-electric.

Long says the move “sets a precedent” for the industry to follow as the world moves toward a sustainable future.

Bowlus offers RVs with GVWR ranging from 2,500 lbs to 4,000 lbs depending on the model.

Electrek’s Take

Bowlus’s move to go all-electric follows a trend in the industry toward zero-emission alternatives that support the growing movement toward a sustainable future.

Airstream and Porsche teamed up to design a camping trailer “optimized for EVs” with a lightweight, aerodynamic design that can fit in your garage.

Meanwhile, all-electric RV startup Lightship revealed its L1 electric travel trailer designed to maintain the full range of the EV towing it (read more about the Lightship here).

The expanding wave of electric RV options is good news for EV owners and the environment, with efficient, sustainable alternatives for adventurers.

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