This GM Brightdrop-based electric van is a hotel room with five-star amenities, 250mi range

Rollaway, a Silicon Valley-based sustainable hospitality startup, is partnering with GM’s BrightDrop to build a luxury electric van that it calls “the hotel room of tomorrow.” The electric van will feature five-star services and amenities with an impressive 250 miles range.

Meet the hotel room of tomorrow’s electric van

The startup is introducing an alternative lodging experience combining hospitality, technology, mobility, and sustainability.

Rather than booking several different hotel rooms or Airbnbs, Rollaway’s upscale electric camper allows you to adventure to multiple destinations without even needing a rental car.

To make it happen, Rollaway is partnering with General Motors‘ commercial electric vehicle startup, BrightDrop.

BrightDrop has worked with several top-tier clients, such as Walmart and FedEx, to introduce zero-emission electric vans in an effort to reduce emissions from commercial fleets with functional, long-range EVs.

Rollaway is leveraging BrightDrop’s electric van platform to create a sustainable upscale hotel experience that allows you to adventure luxuriously from anywhere.

While exploring, you don’t have to give up the comfort and lavish hotel room experience with included five-star services and amenities like:

  • Spa class toiletries.
  • A set of YETI amenities.
  • Farm-to-table breakfast packages from local, sustainable farms.
  • An on-demand app including room service, housekeeping, and more.
  • A live, personal virtual concierge to help you with your travel itineraries.
  • Housekeeping on the go with fresh linens and full services coming soon.
  • Starlink satellite ultra high-speed WiFi to keep you connected off the grid.

Rollaway offers several different accommodation options, including the GlampVan, QuadVan, and LuxVan. The GlampVan sleeps up to two guests featuring a queen size bed, full bathroom, living/dining area, and kitchenette.

For the family, the QuadVan sleeps up to four guests with a queen size bunk bed and all the amenities of the GlampVan.

For an upscale luxury suite experience, the LuxVan has a plush queen-size bed, upscale furniture and decor, a spa-class bathroom, a spacious living/dining area, and a fully equipped kitchenette.

And the best part is with 250 miles range and fast charging capabilities, the electric van lets you take the comfort of a hotel room anywhere.

Rollaway says it will soon launch in the San Francisco Bay Area, and pre-bookings are now open, starting today, on their website.

Electrek’s Take

The new electric van launch is part of an emerging trend of sustainable electric vans and RVs hitting the market as adventurers look for zero-emission alternatives.

Grounded, a Detroit-based electric RV startup founded by former Tesla and SpaceX engineers, also introduced the Grounded G1 customizable electric van on Ford’s E-Transit this week.

The Rollaway offers a more upscale experience and has 250 miles range compared to the Grounded G1’s range of 108 miles, but Grounded offers a flexible subscription alternative. Both are great options depending on your plans.

The fact of the matter is that nobody wants to stay in a camper van in nature with constant emissions coming in through the windows. Electric vans give you the best of both worlds with zero emissions and a versatile, spacious interior.

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