Own a business? Helixx will help you build your own EV fleet

UK-based startup Helixx is rolling out low-cost mini EV models for cities, and its franchise model has businesses building their own EVs.

Helixx is offering four models: Its TUK (header photo) and RIDE (above), with open and closed-door bodies, respectively, are designed for urban ride-hailing.

The CARGO is a commercial goods vehicle for last-mile delivery, with 2,100 liters of cargo space, a max payload of 500 kg, and the ability to carry the majority of ISO pallets in target markets. The TRUCK is a pickup that’s ideal for construction businesses and urban developers.

All four EV models feature lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery packs that can be swapped quickly, which means they’re less dependent on EV charging infrastructure.

Helixx’s four EV models are engineered in the UK and will be built in licensed Helixx Mobility Hubs that can be commissioned and operated almost anywhere in the world through a licensed partnership – that is, a franchise.

Helixx manages the whole onboarding process, from establishing the factory and equipment installation to training staff and ongoing commercial support with local fleet operators.

Helixx also orchestrates all raw materials, components, and production processes through a next-gen Industry 5.0 digital platform that prioritizes local sourcing and supply chain flexibility.

The company says on its website that the whole soup-to-nuts process takes 180 days.

All four EVs will be offered to commercial users on an all-inclusive subscription basis from $0.25 per hour. The company’s subscription model includes regular maintenance and repairs.

Helixx says it’s successfully tested its UK concept hub in partnership with Siemens. It’s now going to launch further pilot hubs in the UK and Singapore. The company says it’s in discussion with customers in the Asia Pacific region, and then it will head to India, MENA, and South America.

Steve Pegg, CEO and cofounder of Helixx, said:

Helixx was born to meet the challenge of transforming the quality and standard of mobility for citizens in heavily congested cities.

The vehicles offered by Helixx are the key to replacing the heavily polluting combustion-powered vehicles relied upon in developing nations today.

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Photos: Helixx

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