Snow way! Hyundai teases IONIQ 5 N in arctic conditions ahead of summer debut [Video]

As we approach April, much of the US is just beginning to thaw out after the harsh months of winter. Soon, spring will bloom into hot, sunny summers when we are expecting to see the official debut of the upcoming all-wheel drive Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. Before then, however, Hyundai is teasing its red-hot performance EV drifting through snowy terrain near the arctic circle. Check out the video below.

Hyundai’s N and N Line performance variants are a sub-brand of the Korean automaker, launched in 2017 with the Hyundai i30 N. With its second 800 V E-GMP model on the cusp of first orders, Hyundai Motor Group continues to showcase how it is going all-in on electrification.

We know much about the automaker’s initial phase of bespoke EV models that began with the IONIQ 5, which will soon be joined by the 6 streamliner, then the IONIQ 7 SUV. With such a focus on EVs, fans of the automaker have consistently speculated about the possibility of an all-electric N performance model.

During the global premiere of the IONIQ 6 last summer, the public got its answer – N brand IONIQ EVs are coming. The end of the video showed the three models mentioned above suddenly joined by two more the automaker describes as “rolling lab” N models – the RN22e, based on the IONIQ 6 concept and the Vision 74, a nod to Hyundai’s 1974 Pony Coupe concept.

Despite showcasing these two rolling lab concepts, Hyundai confirmed the IONIQ 5 EV would be the first production model to don the performance “N” badge. Today, the company began showcasing some of the sharp corners that future IONIQ 5 N owners will be able to experience, whether it’s on a road, a track, or the icy terrain of winter.

Watch the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N drift through sub-zero temps

In addition to the video footage you can see below, Hyundai shared a press release outlining some of the performance design and technology that went into the upcoming IONIQ 5 N in order to optimize the EV to deliver high performance under all conditions.

The footage shows Hyundai’s first mass-produced, all-electric, performance N model enduring winter testing in temperatures as low as -22F at the Hyundai Mobis Proving ground in Arjeplog, Sweden – adjacent to the Arctic Circle.

Hyundai said the icy terrain is perfect for testing in the most extreme low-friction conditions, enabling engineers to fine-tune the AWD EV to drive in a balanced manner that is sporty and fun but also safe and predictable. The N brand’s vice president of management & motorsport, Till Wartenberg, elaborated:

Just as our N models are honed at the sharp corners of the Nürburgring, our N models are also honed at the sharp corners and icy surfaces of our proving ground in Arjeplog, ensuring maximum performance in the most extreme winter conditions. We’re proud to demonstrate the IONIQ 5 N perfectly meets our broad performance criteria, ensuring N Brand success as our first EV production N model

For the IONIQ 5 N specifically, the performance sub-brand has combined Hyundai’s existing E-GMP technology with its own motorsport-centric expertise to “raise the bar in electrified high performance.” Better yet, the team predicts the first production N model will become many enthusiasts’ top choice for a performance EV that delivers year-round.

Like the combustion model Ns that came before it, the Hyundai team says the performance version of the IONIQ 5 will cater to the sub-brand’s three crucial pillars: corner rascal, racetrack capability, and everyday sportscar.

Motorsport enthusiasts are going to be lining up to get behind the wheel of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N when it comes out because it will not only be the N brand’s first all-wheel drive model but because it will feature tons of new tech that’s not in the current IONIQ 5 production EV:

  • N Drift Optimizer – Integrates front and rear torque distribution, torque rate, suspension stiffness, and steering.
  • e-LSD – Stands for electronic-Limited Slip Differential. It improves handling during cornering and high-speed driving on the racetrack or in tricky road conditions like slick ice or deep snow.
    • e-LSD compliments the N Drift Optimizer by offering a drive mode specifically dedicated to drifting. Hyundai says all drifters will enjoy this technology, whether it’s their first time or their 1,000th.
  • N Torque Distribution – Allows the driver to select torque levels for both the front and rear wheels and can work alongside the e-LSD to distribute power to the wheels in varying ratios.

EV tuning. We always knew this day would come. In conjunction with the new details, Hyundai released Episode 1 of the IONIQ 5 N teaser footage focused on corner carving. View it below while we wait for the full reveal of the IONQ 5 N in July 2023.

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