Rivian adds Performance dual motor R1T configuration and shares new Max pack ranges

After removing the quad motor, Max pack R1T from its configurator last December, Rivian has followed through on its promise to deliver a higher horsepower “Performance” dual motor option to reservation holders. The American automaker shared specs and pricing today along with updates ranges for dual motor R1T configurations using the Max pack.

Days after reporting it remains on track to his its 2023 production output target, Rivian looks to finally share updated delivery times for current R1T reservation holders who were told they would need to reconfigure their electric pickups.

Rivian announced it would be removing the option to select a quad motor powertrain and the 400 mile range Max battery pack this last December, sharing that those current reservations holders would need to settle for the Large pack to keep four motors, or switch to a dual motor powertrain to keep the Max pack.

At the time, Rivian shared that reservation holders who opted for the dual motor option could expedite their delivery window to early 2023. Rivian also states that version of the R1T would deliver about 400 miles of range and 600 horsepower, while also promising an incoming “Performance” dual motor option with 700 horsepower.

As of today, Rivian’s R1T configurator now features the Performance dual motor powertrain option alongside the EPA ranges for the Max pack.

Rivian max pack can still deliver 400 miles of range

As initially pointed out by Rivian Forums member, Ripped, current R1T reservations holders are now receive instructions to reconfigure their EV to the automaker’s new parameters to learn their updated delivery timeline.

Rivian followed up with a release of its own, explaining how the powertrain options vary (seen above), now including the Performance dual motor AWD option. As initially advertised, Rivian’s Performance configuration delivers 700 horsepower and 400 miles of range with the selectable Max pack.

Here are the new range variations, as posted by forum member RivianXpress:

    • Large pack
    • 300 miles – 20” wheels
    • 350 miles – 21” wheels
    • 320 miles – 22” wheels
    • Rivian Max pack
    • 335 miles – 20” wheels
    • 400 miles – 21” wheels
    • 360 miles – 22” wheels
  • QUAD MOTOR (currently shipping)
    • Large pack only
    • 274 miles – 20” wheels
    • 328 miles – 21” wheels
    • 303 miles – 22” wheels

Initial response on the forums is disappointment in the range drop off between wheel sizes and styles from the 21? wheels on the dual motor Max pack R1T, but that option does promise 400 miles of range as previously stated by Rivian.

The Max pack doesn’t make as much sense for reservation holders now opting for the 21? wheels with optimal tires to maximize range. A Dual motor R1T with the Large battery pack offers similar range at a lower cost.

As stated, delivery windows are currently being updated, as reservation holders select the best option for them given the new option and available specs. Did you reserve and R1T and get an email from Rivian? What option are you going with and when’s your estimated delivery?

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