Chevy flexes 557 hp Blazer EV SS at the Daytona International Speedway [Video]

The first-ever fully electric Chevy Blazer EV is set to go on sale this summer, followed by a powerful high-performance SS trim. This SS version will be the first performance model of a Chevy EV, with an estimated 557 horsepower, turning the all-around family car into a speed demon. Check out the latest video of the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV SS tearing across the Daytona International Speedway below.

2024 Chevy Blazer EV SS displays performance in new video

General Motors (GM) CEO Mary Barra first introduced the Chevy Blazer EV to the world at CES 2022. Despite the all-electric Silverado EV taking center stage, Barra had another big secret to share. At the event, Barra revealed that the Blazer EV would be the first Chevy electric vehicle to receive a high-performance SS trim.

Chevy unveiled the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV last July with five trims, including the 1LT, 2LT, RS, a police pursuit vehicle (PPV) edition, and Chevy’s first SS electric performance model. Scott Bell, vice president of Chevrolet, described the Blazer SS as having “the soul of a true sports car.”

Based on GM’s Ultium Platform, the Blazer EV SS features a GM-estimated 290-mile range, up to 557 horsepower, and 648 lb-ft of torque with an AWD system.

“Wide Open Watts” (WOW) mode (similar to the GMC Hummer EV’s “Watts to Freedom” (WTF)) enables 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds, according to the automaker.

The SS trim will serve as the most aggressive design in the lineup, with a unique front grille, full LED lighting with a center light bar and illuminated “bowtie,” a two-tone color scheme with a black roof and A-pillars, and standard 22-inch wheels.

Chevy’s latest video gives us a good look at what we can expect from the upcoming Chevy Blazer EV SS high-performance model.

In the video, two NASCAR drivers – Daniel Suarez and Ross Chastain – show off the performance of the sleek, aggressive-looking Chevy Blazer EV SS at the Daytona International Speedway.

The two drivers take turns putting the performance AWD EV to the test with Wide Open Watts mode. Suarez praised the vehicle’s torque as he took the first drive, while Chastain noticed the smoothness, asking if the cup car would be as smooth.

The Chevy Blazer EV SS will go on sale this fall with a starting price of around $65,996, which will be the highest-priced trim, followed by the RS ($51,995), the 2LT ($47,595), and the 1LT starting at $47,595.

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