Gazelle Bikes launches four new Dutch-style electric bikes in the US

Gazelle Bikes, the Holland-based electric bicycle manufacturer known for its more than a century of quality bike design, has just launched four new e-bike models in the US. This spring will see the rollout of the 2023 Gazelle Avignon C380, Arroyo C5, Ultimate C380, and Ultimate T10.

Just a few weeks ago I visited the Netherlands and had the opportunity to see Gazelle’s factory first hand as well as to ride several Gazelle e-bikes. I’ll be sharing the full writeup soon, but the spoiler is that these are high-quality e-bikes built with a combination of European engineering and a uniquely Dutch design ethos that pairs comfort with everyday riding utility.

Based on the first look at these new 2023 models, Gazelle has stuck to its playbook by highlighting those same features across the new e-bikes.

The new 2023 Avignon C380 HMB and Arroyo C5 are both built with comfortable city riding in mind. The Avignon is the company’s “most accessible frame to date” with an ultra-low and wide-entry step-through design. That makes it easier than ever to mount and dismount the bike.

The bike’s adjustable stem helps dial in the handlebars to the perfect distance and height for each rider. Combined with the upright riding posture that is quintessentially Dutch, the adjustable handlebars help give a tall view of the road ahead.

The Avignon C380 also includes an Enviolo stepless transmission with automatic shifting, meaning the CVT hub will automatically keep the bike in the right gear based on the rider’s speed and pedaling effort. That hub is fed by a Gates belt drive connecting it to a Bosch Performance Line mid-drive motor with 75 Nm of torque that gets paired with a 625 Wh Bosch battery.

The Avignon C380 is priced at US $4,999.

The Gazelle Arroyo C5 is another step-through model, though is a bit more of an all-around electric bike that can handle both easy leisure rides and longer distance touring rides through the countryside.

The bike comes with a Shimano Nexus 5 internally geared rear hub designed for e-bike power levels, which is good because it also gets that 75 Nm Bosch Performance Line mid-drive motor. A 500 Wh Bosch battery rounds out the powertrain.

The combination of a 5-speed hub instead of the automatic shifting step-less hub as well as the slightly smaller battery help drop the price of the Arroyo C5 to US $3,999.

Gazelle’s updated Ultimate C380 and Ultimate T10 add to the company’s best-selling Ultimate line of e-bikes built for both comfort and sport riding. The bikes use Bosch’s Smart System to provide “a seamless and intuitive riding experience, greater power delivery, and extended range to take on adventure with speed, power, and versatility.”

The Ultimate C380 uses a Gates belt drive combined with the Enviolo C380 stepless trekking hub for smooth shifting whether in motion or at a stop, while the Ultimate T10 offers a Shimano Deore derailleur-based transmission.

Both models include the same Bosch Performance Line mid-drive motor with 75 Nm of torque and Bosch’s 625 Wh batteries.

The Ultimate C380 is priced at US $4,749 and the Ultimate T10 is priced at US $4,249.

All of the models feature front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, fenders and racks (including the popular MIK rack that accepts a wide range of attachments and accessories), GPS tracking through the Bosch Smart System, integrated LED lighting, and Dutch-style wheel locks for anti-theft protection.

As general manager for Gazelle North America explained, the four new models bring a long legacy of Dutch design to the US:

We’re thrilled to launch these four new models, which represent the very best of Gazelle. These bikes are built in the Netherlands with more than 130 years of experience and respond to changing consumer needs and feedback in this region. We’ve listened to our customers and created bikes that integrate the latest technology, platforms and accessories to meet their unique habits and desires, whether they’re commuting to work, touring the countryside, or looking for an exhilarating ride. These electric bikes embody our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, and we can’t wait for riders to experience them.

The Gazelle Avignon C380, Ultimate C380, and Ultimate T10 will arrive in the US and Canada later this month, where they will be available from a wide network of Gazelle dealers. The Arroyo C5 is expected to make landfall in North America later next month.

Electrek’s Take

While Gazelle’s models are significantly more expensive than many of the leading direct-to-consumer e-bikes in the US, they also offer a combination of higher-quality parts and European manufacturing. Between the automatic shifting, Gates belt drives, Bosch powertrains, and in-house bike design, there’s a significant investment going into each of these models. Having ridden several of Gazelle’s e-bikes myself, I can feel the difference.

I still love cruising around on a $1,000 e-bike any day, but I don’t have the same peace of mind as I do on a much more refined e-bike with significantly higher-quality components.

But then again, you have to pay for that luxury. And coming from a European mindset where many riders completely replace a car with an e-bike, Gazelle has long adopted the viewpoint that higher quality is worth a higher price.

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