Ford Pro says don’t doubt the F-150 Lightning’s towing ability, here are the facts

New information released from Ford Pro confirms, yes, the F-150 Lightning can tow. In fact, it has even been used to tow cross country. The team created a new brochure to help customers understand the impacts towing has on their electric trucks.

Ford was the first to release a full-size electric pickup truck with the F-150 Lightning in May 2021. The automaker calls it the “smartest, most innovative truck” it has ever built.

With over 105 years of experience building trucks, Ford knows what customers are looking for. One of the most crucial factors is its ability to haul and tow, a big reason people buy a truck in the first place.

Knowing this, Ford included up to 775 lb-ft of instant torque to tow up to 10,000 pounds using the max trailer tow package on the XLT and LARIAT models.

Ford Pro is making it even easier for F-150 Lightning drivers to tow with tools like Trailer Hitch Assist and intelligent towing.

Ford’s AI-based hitch assist tool will automatically align the Lightning pickup’s hitch ball to a trailer with the push of a button, saving you time and from the frustration of trying to match it up perfectly.

In fact, Ford is finding that the Lightning is attracting people who wouldn’t typically buy a truck otherwise. And Lightning drivers are using the bed of their pickup more than traditional gas-powered truck drivers.

The team at Ford Pro has put together some information to help Lightning owners understand how towing can impact the driving experience and how to make the most of it.

Ford F-150 Lightning pickup towing facts

Ford Pro says over half of F-150 Lightning owners are considering their towing ability by selecting the max trailer tow package, allowing a 10,000-pound capacity.

Despite common misbeliefs, Ford Pro says:

Whether gas or electric, driving distance while towing is similarly impacted by weather, temperature, and geography. Speed and trailer aerodynamics also play a role: the faster you drive and the larger the frontal area of the trailer, the greater impact on range.

By utilizing Ford’s preconditioning feature to warm or cool the battery and cabin prior to leaving, Lightning drivers can help minimize the effects extreme temperatures can have on range.

Ford says if you’ve been towing in a gas-powered truck for several years, towing in the Lightning can feel a bit different with smooth, consistent power and maximum torque available off the line.

With up to 320 EPA miles range, Ford’s Lightning gives you plenty of range to get from point A to point B while public charging infrastructure pops up at a record pace.

Ford Pro’s intelligent range towing feature collects data like speed, temperature, available battery energy, driving habits, and route planning to determine how much energy drivers are using in real time while working with public charging.

Darren Palmer, VP of battery electric vehicle programs at Ford model e said:

Customers don’t need to worry about estimating range with all the different factors in play, because our intuitive Ford technologies do that for them, and suggest the best options for charging along their route.

In short, the Ford F-150 Lightning checks all the boxes and is ready to take on the tasks without emitting any tailpipe emissions in the process.

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