XPeng debuts G6 coupe SUV on its next-gen EV platform with 469-mile range and 10 min charging

As promised, XPeng Motors has pulled the sheet off its fifth EV model – an “ultra smart coupe SUV” called the G6. The G6 arrives as XPeng’s first production model to sit atop its next-generation SEPA 2.0 platform architecture, enabling it to offer many new design and performance features, including a huge range increase. Have a look.

While we admire XPeng Motor’s fifth production EV this morning, it’s worth recognizing how the Chinese automaker has evolved during its relatively short life in the segment. XPeng’s EV lineup actually began with an SUV called the G3 in 2018, followed by the P7 sedan a year later.

Next came the P5, which we were able to test-drive with the P7 in Europe as part of XPeng’s expansion into new markets. After the debut of XPeng’s next model – another SUV called the G9 – the original P7 saw a refresh into the P7i. Both those models have the capability to eventually operate XPeng’s top-tier ADAS called XNGP but are still somewhat limited by the automaker’s Silicon Carbide (SiC) “Edward” EV platform.

That will change with the G6 coupe SUV, however, as it is powered by XPeng’s new modular SEPA 2.0 architecture, which also made its public debut this week. XPeng Motors states that SEPA 2.0 will enable its future models to deliver the latest smart driving, intelligent cabin, super fast charging, and superior performance. That begins today in China with the XPeng G6.

XPeng’s G6 promises superior technology, sets new standards

According to XPeng Motors, the new G6 not only represents its next chapter of EV innovation atop the SEPA 2.0 architecture but also several firsts for the automaker and even the industry as a whole. The team states that the new coupe SUV arrives as China’s only mass-produced, die-casted front and rear integrated aluminum body, including cell-integrated body (CIB) technology that optimizes cabin design with added vertical space and increased battery safety.

Its design team aspired to create a “dream car for the younger generation” by combining striking exterior design with “tech-fluid aesthetics,” all with large amounts of interior space and amenities. Combined with SEPA 2.0 and the advanced ADAS capabilities of XNGP, XPeng looks to set new standards in the Chinese mid-size electric SUV segment with the G6. Per its chair and CEO, He Xiaopeng:

G6 is born intelligent, conceived through XPENG’s technological ingenuity and relentless innovation to continuously set new industry standards in the era of smartification. We aspire to redefine the mobility experience of a broad customer base with streamlined configurations, outstanding performance, a unified immersive product experience and efficient development iterations.

Much of the specs shared today were the same mentioned by XPeng during the SEPA 2.0 presentation a couple of days ago, but the automaker did share a few impressive numbers Chinese customers can expect to see in the G6 when it arrives.

The coupe SUV’s 800V Silicon Carbide (SiC) platform combined with 3C battery technology can deliver up to 755 km (469 miles) of electric range – a 71 km increase compared to the longest-driving models on XPeng’s previous platform. The automaker also shared that the G6 will be able to gather 300 km (186 miles) of range after just 10 minutes on DC fast chargers, particularly XPeng’s S4 superchargers in China.

XPeng Motors says the G6 will be sold in China first, and its model name is only for that market. (Pontiac may not be around to sue, but GM still is.) Still, we found it interesting that the coupe SUV was designed to meet the highest safety standards in two other markets outside of China – Europe and North America.

Europe makes sense as the automaker is already selling EVs in several countries now, but XPeng has never given any inclination of intent to enter the US market. That’s likely still the case, but it’s still interesting that it wouldn’t specifically mention safety certifications in a market it has never driven in.

As for other pertinent details, like how the G6 trims will break down and what sort of pricing Chinese consumers can expect, well, that will come later. For now, check out the full reveal video of the XPeng G6 coupe SUV below:

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