What Do You Want to Know About Your Health in Midlife?

Around the time you turn 40, surprising things may begin happening to your body. Chin and nose hairs start to sprout while other hairs decide to stop growing. Skin sags or gets dry or suddenly you have acne again. Your back, shoulders and knees may ache and belly fat may appear. Perhaps you find yourself squinting at restaurant menus.

Those are only physical examples. The midlife mind has a whole other set of issues, from memory deficits to mood changes. And because you are in the thick of adulthood, your stress and anxiety from work, parenting and care-taking can run especially high.

Getting older is not all bad, of course. It takes time and practice to build skills. Confidence comes with age, too. Still, one thing most people can agree on is that this time period called midlife is a mysterious and wild ride.

If you are between the ages of 40 and 60, The Times wants to know what you are confused, concerned or frustrated about when it comes to your mind and body. What questions do you have about health at midlife that you wish someone could answer?

To submit your question(s), just fill out the form below. We will use some responses in an upcoming article, but your name and likeness will not be printed unless you agree to be interviewed further by a reporter. If we do choose to include your question, a reporter will be in touch.



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