Second-generation Xos Hub mobile charger is smaller, more powerful, and can charge 5 EVs at once

Commercial EV startup and fleet services provider Xos, Inc. has unveiled the second generation of the Xos Hub – a mobile charging station that can provide quick, sustainable energy access to fleets and passenger EVs. Xos’ second iteration of the Hub is significantly smaller and boasts a charger output increase of well over 50%.

Xos Inc. ($XOS) is a SoCal-based EV manufacturer that began by specializing in Class 5 to 8 commercial trucks, power trains, and fleet management software called “Xosphere.” Its flagship EV offering, the SV05 Stepvan, has since been purchased by last-mile delivery companies like FedEx Ground. Some Xos EVs have even been armored for use by Loomis.

Since then, Xos has ventured into EV charging solutions like DC fast chargers as well as its massive Xos Hub trailer – all under a new branch called Xos Energy Solutions. The first generation Hub offered five EV charger outlets on a 28-ft trailer with about 700 kWh of power storage onboard.

Today’s second-generation Xos Hub mobile charger doesn’t offer as much energy capacity but delivers much faster charge speeds from a significantly smaller footprint.

Xos’ next mobile Hub charger sees output increase by 60%

Per Xos, Inc., the second-generation Hub charger features an energy capacity of 390 kWh that can power five CCS 1 charge cables. Compared to the original Hub, Xos said it increased its next-generation charger’s output from 25 kW to 40 kW.

At only 16 feet in length, the Xos Hub 2.0 is also significantly shorter than its predecessor while still offering the capability to charge five commercial or passenger EVs at once. Director of Xos energy solutions and products Danny Marquez spoke to the new Hub’s potential in the commercial EV segment:

We consistently hear from our customers that charging infrastructure remains the biggest barrier to taking delivery of our electric vehicles, so we’re incredibly excited to introduce the new Xos Hub and provide an easy, available, and mobile solution for DC fast charging. The Hub is an ideal solution for fleets that will help alleviate infrastructure delays and accelerate widespread fleet electrification.

Like the company’s recently announced 2023 Stepvan, the second-generation Xos Hub comes with over-the-air update capabilities and integration with the aforementioned Xosphere platform. Xos states the first unit of the new charger hub is in operation with a “major parcel delivery operator” in California, but the company intends to continue testing while it seeks eligibility for federal and state funding.

The Xos Hub and 2023 Stepvan will be on display next week at the 2023 ACT Expo in Anaheim.

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