Segway and Engwe launch electric mopeds and e-bikes specifically for women

Female-focused electric scooters and e-bikes are coming, thanks to the launch of new women’s models from companies like Segway-owned Ninebot and Engwe, among others. Two of the latest entrants into the female micromobility market include the Ninebot Q80C and the Engwe L20.

The Ninebot Q80C is an urban-oriented electric moped with a fairly long maximum range of 115 km (71 miles) in its lowest power mode.

The e-moped is limited to just 20 km/h (12 mph), in that mode, though the speed increases to 32 km/h (20 mph) and 45 km/h (28 mph) in its middle and highest power modes.

If the pastel colorway options weren’t a big enough tip-off that these models were designed for women, then the small size of the electric two-wheeler may help point to the fact that the scooter’s creator had female riders in mind, according to GizmoChina:

The Ninebot Q80C uses a riding posture configuration that is well suited for women, with a seat cushion height of 715 mm [28 inches]. It takes care of women of different heights, ensuring that their feet are firmly on the floor of the moped.

The Ninebot Q80C comes with a number of smart connectivity options for security, including phone unlocking, NFC card unlocking, and other “anti-theft” functions.

So far the Q80C is launching solely in Ninebot’s domestic market of China, where it is priced at 3,799 yuan (approximately US $550).

For international shoppers, the Engwe L20 is a female-marketed electric bike that also claims to offer a number of design features that were also created with women in mind.

With Engwe noting that its new L20 e-bike is launching in time for Mother’s Day, the company seems to take a page out of Ninebot’s playbook by leaning heavily on the accessible frame design and “fashionable” color options when calling this a woman’s electric bike.

As a company spokesperson explained:

From the Step-thru frame to the younger and more fashionable color choices, the ENGWE L20 caters to the needs of female riders everywhere. With its simpler controls, more comfortable seats, and plenty of loading space front and rear, this is the perfect e-bike to help ladies embrace the great outdoors.

The fat tire electric bike has a fairly low power motor of just 250W and a relatively low torque output of 50 Nm.

A maximum range of 140 km (87 miles) in its lowest power pedal assist mode is enabled by a 624 Wh removable battery mounted behind the seat.

The bike includes 20? diameter tires and mag wheels to replace the spoked wheels commonly found on most electric bikes.

LED lighting, a full fender set, and front/rear racks are included as standard equipment. The L20 appears to be launching in Europe first, where it comes with a promotional price of €1,099 (approximately US $1,230).

Electrek’s Take

While some of these “e-bikes for women” that we’ve seen over the years largely come down to marketing magic or pink tax, my own better half has made me keenly aware of how important low seat height and step-through designs are for smaller women. My wife is fairly petite and she always struggles to ride bikes that I wouldn’t even consider to be that tall. Her favorite models are always relaxed, low saddle e-bikes that make her feel more stable as a shorter rider.

I can’t really speak to the colors or aesthetics, but if you’re going to make e-bikes for women, then sizing seems like a good place to start. My one wife isn’t exactly a large sample size, but my limited empirical data seems to agree with this direction chosen by Engwe and Ninebot.

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