20 Tesla vehicles will replace entire police dept.’s patrol fleet

A police department in California has decided to convert its entire patrol fleet to all-electric vehicles using the Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

There is an impressive number of police departments around the world realizing that electric vehicles are the perfect solution to both reduce the operating cost and the environmental impact of their patrol vehicles.

While we have seen many police departments start to convert their patrol fleet, we haven’t seen any make the jump to only using all-electric vehicles until now.

The South Pasadena Police Department announced that it will be the first (via Pasadena Star News):

The South Pasadena Police Department will become the first such agency in the nation to convert its entire police fleet to electric vehicles, authorities said Monday, May 8.

The department decided to use a grant to help them buy 10 Tesla Model Y vehicles and install nine level 2 charging stations and even a DC fast-charger.

South Pasadena Councilmember Michael Cacciotti commented:

“We will be putting our officers in the safest and most effective police vehicles on the market. In addition to that, we will be investing in technology that will help reduce harmful vehicle emissions to improve air quality for all our residents. This effort will provide a model for other jurisdictions; we can build a 21st century police force, save significant resources and clean the air at the same time.”

On top of that, the police department is looking at some significant savings based on what other PDs have announced.

The Somerset PD was one of the first police departments to buy a Model Y to use as a police patrol, and they believe that a single Model Y could save them $80,000 over 10 years due to gas savings and lower maintenance costs.

The South Pasadena Police Department is likely looking at similar savings for each of its upcoming Model Y vehicles.

Update: Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance told Electrek that they will be converting the Model Ys into patrol vehicles and that the fleet is actually for 20 Model Ys.

They wrote about the new program:

Twenty Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles upfitted by Unplugged Performance will replace the legacy internal combustion fleet for South Pasadena Police Department in 2023. The fleet of Tesla vehicles, is a first, for any department to convert its entire fleet of vehicles to 100% electric.

It confirmed that they will also use Model 3 vehicles.

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