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Prevantative healthcare app launches across London and Bucks

PremedGo has announced the pilot launch of its free preventative healthcare app across London and Buckinghamshire.

The platform is designed to make booking health check-ups quick and easy, enabling people to book an appointment at a suitable time and location.

PremedGo was founded in 2021 by CEO George Nimfour, with co-founders Robert Wong and Dr Alexey Mohonko joining the executive board in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

George Nimfour, said:

“We know that regular health checks can help to diagnose both acute and chronic disease at an earlier stage.

“An earlier diagnosis for some conditions, in turn, can mean that treatment is likely to be more successful than if the disease was caught at a later stage.

“In some cases, health checks can identify certain risks which, if addressed, could mean that disease is prevented altogether.

“This is where the real benefit to healthcare systems lies – through a reduction in A&E presentation, for example, or the general relieving of pressure on both primary and secondary care.”

Nimfour thought of the concept when his mother was diagnosed with diabetes.

The experience lead him to wonder how many other people lived with undiagnosed conditions that could be prevented if the tell-tale signs were spotted sooner.

He added:

“I am really excited about the launch of PremedGo.

“I am keen on addressing social problems using a business model that makes an impact, and believe that this venture has the potential to create long term change across different healthcare systems, whilst encouraging a healthier mindset in patients through a focus shift to health empowerment and disease prevention.”

PremedGo is now available to download from Google Play and Apple app stores.



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